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Revolutionize your software development with AI-powered code reviews.
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Korbit is an AI-powered tool designed to enhance the software development process by providing instant, accurate pull request (PR) reviews. It helps boost productivity, increase the quality of code, and contribute to the skill development of the team.

One key feature of Korbit is automated PR reviews, which can spot potential issues and provide solutions for fixing them. It is positioned as a crucial addition to both the development process and team dynamics.

More than a simple diagnostic tool, Korbit also provides instant PR code reviews, supplying immediate feedback on areas of concern. Another important aspect of Korbit is its team insights.

It offers valuable views into code quality, project status, and developer performance through a management dashboard. This data can help inform strategic decisions regarding project management and team performance.

In terms of enhancing skills, Korbit guides developers in fixing issues, providing interactive explanations, advice, and suggestions within the PR. This allows developers to learn and grow as they work, reducing the likelihood of repeated errors and increasing overall team capabilities.

Lastly, the tool offers tracking and reporting on detected and resolved issues, supplying additional insight that can help keep projects on schedule and budget.

It aims at not only streamlining and enhancing the coding process, but also fostering continuous learning and development within teams.


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Apr 11, 2024
Using Korbit for a legacy project that I don't have other linting or CI tools for and it has worked really well identifying issues and saving me time!
Apr 10, 2024
Great product!!
Apr 10, 2024
We've internally been using Korbit since it was first launched. It has already caught a hundred mission critical and saved our ass so many times. I'm not sure our team could live without it now!
Apr 7, 2024
Korbit helps me enhancing code quality by automating review processes with insightful feedback and fixes, super helpful

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Korbit was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 6th 2024.

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Pros and Cons


Instant PR code review
Automated PR reviews
Spot potential issues
Suggests problem resolutions
GitHub integration
Gives immediate feedback
Offers explanatory advice
Enhances team skills
Reduces code errors
Increases team capabilities
Tracks and reports issues
Maintains project schedule and budget
Continuous learning for developers
Interactive explanations within PR
Code quality insights
Project status visibility
Developer performance insights
Management dashboard feature
Streamlines coding process
Promotes efficient team dynamics
Developer question responses
Helps in informed decision making
Insight into resolved issues
Functionality within GitHub PR workflow
On-demand PR reviews
Identifies code issues
Offers issue fixing recommendations
Improves code quality and consistency
Increases productivity of senior engineers
Insight into project and team performance
Tactical and strategic decisions support
Reduces repeat incidents
Insight into code project state
24/7 PR code reviews
Provides actionable feedback
Develops coding best practices
Reports on detected and resolved issues


No IDE integration
No multi-language support
No ability for customization of reports
No offline usage
Lacks performance measurement tools
No real-time collaboration features
Could have limited issue detection
Limited third-party integrations


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How does Korbit help in project management?
Can Korbit aid in reducing errors in code?
What learning opportunities does Korbit provide within the PR?
How can Korbit protect the project schedule and budget?
How do developers interact with Korbit when resolving issues?
What's the benefit of using Korbit for PR code reviewing?
Can you elaborate on how Korbit assists in tracking and reporting issues?
Is it possible for Korbit to increase productivity within a development team?
How does Korbit foster continuous learning within software development teams?
Does Korbit identify potential problems in the PR workflow?
Can Korbit contribute positively to team dynamics?
How does Korbit facilitate strategic decision making?
What kind of issues can be spot and fixed with Korbit's assistance?


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