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Improves code review and bug detection for developers.
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Lintrule is a command-line tool designed to leverage a large language model (LLM) for conducting code reviews. It offers capabilities beyond traditional linters and tests by allowing users to enforce policies that cannot be managed by linters and identify bugs that tests may miss.

With Lintrule, teams can enhance code quality without wasting valuable time.The tool can be installed via the provided CLI command, which is supported on MacOS, Linux, and WSL.

Lintrule allows users to write rules in plain language, as demonstrated in the example of the /rules/ file. The tool can then perform checks on multiple files in parallel, providing pass or fail results and highlighting specific issues that need attention.Lintrule offers integration with popular platforms such as GitHub, as demonstrated by the provided GitHub links.

Users can log in to the Lintrule dashboard and configure rules specific to their project's needs. Costs are estimated based on the number of lines of code changed, and examples are given to illustrate pricing for different project sizes.In addition, Lintrule provides instructions on how to set up the tool in a codebase, login, and configure rules.

The tool also allows users to specify files on which rules should be applied, enhancing customization. Lintrule acknowledges the possibility of false positives and advises users to write specific rules to minimize them.Overall, Lintrule is a powerful tool that utilizes a large language model to enhance code review processes, enforce policies, and identify bugs, offering improved code quality and efficiency.


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Pros and Cons


Command-line tool
User-defined enforcement policies
Identifies linter-missed bugs
Supported on MacOS, Linux, WSL
Plain language rule writing
Multiple file parallel checks
Specific issue highlighting
Integration with GitHub
Customizable dashboard
Usage cost based on changes
File-specific rule application
Minimizes false positives
Instructions for setting up
Can review any language
Smart diff usage in GitHub Action
Runs rules in parallel
Rule granularity reduces cost
Expected decrease in pricing
Markdown-based rule file
Customizable rule configuration
Pricing estimates for different sizes
Smart application of GIT environment variables


Pricing based on code changes
Possibility of false positives
High costs for large projects
Requires manual rule configuration
Limited to CLI command install
Requires login for test run
Potential lag for large codebases


What is Lintrule?
How does Lintrule enhance code review?
What is the installation process for Lintrule?
What platforms does Lintrule support?
How does Lintrule integrate with Github?
How can Lintrule users write and configure rules?
What is the pricing model for Lintrule?
How does Lintrule handle false positives?
How does Lintrule improve code quality and efficiency?
In what languages can I write rules for Lintrule?
Can I limit Lintrule checks to specific files?
How can I estimate Lintrule costs for my project?
What is the process to set up Lintrule in a codebase?
How does Lintrule perform checks on multiple files?
Can Lintrule identify bugs that traditional tests may miss?
Does Lintrule have a dashboard for users?
Can I use the Lintrule CLI command for installation on Windows?
What are the ways to minimize cost while using Lintrule?
Is it possible to avoid false positives while using Lintrule?
Can I run Lintrule checks on git differences by default?


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