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AI-powered tool for intelligent code review and insights.
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CodeSensAI is an AI-driven tool designed to enhance the coding experience by providing intelligent code review and detailed insights into code. As a browser extension compatible with most Chrome-based web browsers, it offers two main functionalities: Code Review and Code Explanation.

Code Review enables users to gain easy-to-understand, in-depth evaluations of their code snips in seconds, regardless of the platform. Code Explanation demystifies complex code, providing plain English explanations that promote understanding among both technical and non-technical individuals.

CodeSensAI caters to both seasoned coders and beginners, and works well with popular programming languages and their associated frameworks. Furthermore, it promises a future focus on collaborative reviews and broadening its capabilities.

In terms of security, CodeSensAI ensures code confidentiality and does not store any personal information apart from the user's email, which is used only for sending the SensAI token.

It has a pay-per-use pricing model and also offers a trial option for users before they decide to pay. Moreover, the tool is designed with user-friendly features to yield accurate results, save time and offer customization options.


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CodeSensAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 29th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Browser extension functionality
Compatible with Chrome-based browsers
In-depth code evaluations
Plain English code explanations
Understanding for non-technical individuals
Suitable for both expert coders and beginners
Supports popular programming languages
Compatible with associated language frameworks
Future focus on collaborative reviews
Code confidentiality ensured
Minimal personal information storage
Pay-per-use pricing model
Trail option available
User-friendly features
Customization options available
Speeds up code reviews
Works with Github or any platform
Secure purchase via Stripe
Support through email
Can process short and long snippets
Different review focus options
Creativity adjustment
Available for teaching purposes
No system requirements
Helps learn coding best practices
Use across multiple accounts or computers
Blends multiple models (GPT4, Llama2, CodeBERT)
Does not store billing information
Offers a 'Review Focus' setting
Doesn't expire
Can buy and share among team
No monthly subscription
Enhances coding reputation
Supports high volume purchases
No signup needed
Code explanations in browser
Imparts code insights to improve software quality
Native GitHub review coming soon
Can be used as a teaching tool
Significant time saving


Only Chrome-based browsers compatible
No offline version
Code underlines left out
Not free
No student/NPO discounts
Over-reliance on email
No native app
No system-wide operation
No full GitHub review
Less effective in large snippets


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Is there a trial version of CodeSensAI?
Does CodeSensAI work with all browser versions?
How does CodeSensAI work collaboratively?
How does CodeSensAI provide insights into code?
What kind of customer support does CodeSensAI offer?
Can CodeSensAI be used for educational purposes?
How can I customize the settings on CodeSensAI?
Is CodeSensAI a subscription-based tool or is it pay-per-use?
Is CodeSensAI safe and secure to use?
How does CodeSensAI ensure data confidentiality?
How long does it take for CodeSensAI to review my code?
Do I need a particular browser to use CodeSensAI?
Can CodeSensAI be used by both professional coders and beginners?
How does the Code Explanation feature in CodeSensAI work?
Is the CodeSensAI browser extension compatible with other web browsers apart from Chrome?


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