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Simplify code reviews with artificial intelligence.
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Codara is an AI-based code review tool that helps to streamline the development process, simplifying code reviews and increasing productivity. Codara integrates seamlessly with the existing development environment, providing in-depth and real-time feedback on your code, and facilitating better collaboration and knowledge sharing within your team.

The tool offers code diagnosis where it suggests potential fixes for errors and warnings, making debugging easier. With Codara, users can review staged commits against a branch and also review unstaged work within the current branch.

Reviews and diagnoses are printed to the console and also saved to a designated directory within your project. Furthermore, Codara allows customization of review criteria based on your team's standards, whether it's style, complexity, or performance, the tool can adapt accordingly.

The tool prioritizes data privacy, ensuring that your code remains confidential and secure always. It is built for scalability, providing reliable performance regardless of the project size.

An active subscription is required to use Codara, which includes advanced AI analysis, unlimited reviews, a diagnostic feature, and proprietary AI models.

Installation prerequisites include Python 3 and git.


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Codara was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 3rd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Streamlines development process
Simplifies code reviews
Increases productivity
Seamless integration with development environment
In-depth code feedback
Real-time code feedback
Facilitates team collaboration
Aids knowledge sharing
Provides code diagnosis
Suggests potential error fixes
Supports review of staged commits
Supports review of unstaged work
Saves reviews and diagnoses locally
Allows review criteria customization
Prioritizes data privacy
Built for scalability
Reliable performance
Unlimited reviews
Diagnostic feature
Python 3 and git support
Instant actionable feedback
Tailorable to team's standards
Effortless CLI tool integration
Consistent performance
Confidential code handling


Requires Python 3
Requires git
Subscription required
Customization may be complex
Depends on CLI tool
Limited to code reviews
Unsuitable for offline work
Requires registration


What does Codara do?
How does Codara integrate with existing development environments?
What kind of feedback does Codara provide?
What is code diagnosis in Codara?
How can Codara help in debugging?
Can Codara review unstaged work within the current branch?
What kind of reviews does Codara provide and where are they saved?
Can the review criteria in Codara be customized?
How does Codara assure data privacy?
Is Codara scalable and can it handle large projects?
What does Codara's active subscription include?
What are the prerequisites for installing Codara?
How is the installation of Codara done?
How does Codara's AI analysis work?
In what way does Codara facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing?
Can Codara review staged commits against a branch?
How does Codara ensure a code remains confidential and secure?
What is the cost of a Codara subscription?
Does Codara offer a diagnostic feature?
Can reviews with Codara be saved locally?

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