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Automated code review for GitHub pull requests.
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Maverick is an automated code review tool designed to complement GitHub's Copilot. It acts as an incremental layer of code review for your GitHub pull requests, aiming to catch small issues that may have been overlooked.

The tool is free to use. To get started, users need to install the Maverick app from the GitHub Marketplace and select the repositories they want Maverick to monitor.

Once installed, Maverick will automatically read and review new pull requests on the chosen repositories. It provides feedback to users via GitHub review comments.

By doing so, Maverick helps developers identify potential problems and improve the quality of their code before it merges with the main branch. To test Maverick, users can sign up through the GitHub Marketplace and access additional resources such as a product guide, FAQs, and contact information.

Importantly, Maverick is developed by Lattice Data LLC, a company committed to maintaining users' privacy and following the terms of service.Overall, Maverick offers a valuable solution for code review, providing an extra layer of scrutiny and helping developers catch small issues efficiently.

Through its integration with GitHub and its automated feedback system, Maverick streamlines the code review process, ultimately leading to higher quality code and improved development practices.


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WithMaverick was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automated code review
Compatible with GitHub
Focus on pull requests
Identifies small overlooked issues
Free to use
Easy installation from GitHub Marketplace
Option to select repositories
Automatic monitoring of new pull requests
Feedback via GitHub comments
Helps enhance code quality
Improves development practices
Created by privacy-focused company
Follows service terms
Streamlines code review process
Integration with GitHub
Automated feedback system


Only integrates with GitHub
Limited to reviewing PRs
No API mentioned
No support for private repos
Doesn't support multi-language codebases
Dependent on installation per repository
No customization options
Limited to catching small issues
Lacks more comprehensive code analysis
Reliance on review comments feedback


What is Maverick and what does it do?
How does Maverick integrate with GitHub?
How do I install Maverick?
Is Maverick a free tool?
Do I need to manually trigger Maverick to review my code?
How does Maverick provide feedback on my code?
Can I select the repositories for Maverick to monitor?
Where can I sign up for Maverick?
What companies are behind the development of Maverick?
Does Lattice Data LLC handle the privacy of my data?
Does Maverick conform to the terms of service?
How does Maverick help in code review?
Is Maverick compatible with GitHub's Copilot?
Does Maverick work with Github pull requests?
How do I test-and-use Maverick?
Do we have a product guide and FAQs for Maverick?
Can Maverick automatically identify potential problems in my code?
What happens after I submit my pull requests in the selected repositories?
How does Maverick contribute to improving the quality of my code?
What types of issues does Maverick help to catch in the code review process?

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