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Automated code maintenance and migrations made easier.
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Grit is an AI tool that automates the process of fixing technical debt in code. It achieves this by combining static analysis with machine learning techniques to generate pull requests that clean up code and migrate it to the latest frameworks.

The tool offers users the option to either write their own migrations or use default migrations that are available. By putting code migrations and dependency upgrades on autopilot, Grit helps save time and improve developer velocity.

It enables high-velocity software teams to move faster by automating maintenance tasks, allowing them to complete migrations up to 10 times faster than manual efforts.

Grit can be accessed from multiple platforms, including GitHub, VS Code, and the command line, ensuring seamless integration into existing workflows. The tool is trusted by beta customers and has successfully generated tens of thousands of changes.The underlying technology of Grit is based on machine learning and static analysis.

The tool utilizes pattern matching to identify areas of code that require migration or cleaning up. For example, it can convert JavaScript to TypeScript, convert class components to functional components, and convert JavaScript to arrow functions.

Grit also supports migrations from AngularJS to Angular.Overall, Grit is a powerful tool that streamlines the process of fixing technical debt and upgrading code by leveraging the capabilities of machine learning and static analysis.


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Pros and Cons


Automates code maintenance
Streamlines migrations
Static analysis and ML-based
Generates pull request
Customizable and default migrations
Enhances developer velocity
Saves time
Accelerates code migrations
Accessible across platforms
Command line integration
VS Code integration
GitHub integration
Supports multiple migrations
Pattern matching capabilities
Converts JavaScript-to-TypeScript
Transforms classes to functions
Arrow function conversion
AngularJS-to-Angular migrations
Fixes technical debt
Tens of thousands changes
Beta users trusted
Tracks code migrations


Limited languages support
Limited to specific platforms
May introduce bugs
No real-time code fixing
Constrained pattern matching
Possibility of false positives
Limited default migrations
May overlook complex migrations
No customisation for machine learning
Dependency on existing workflows


What is and what does it exactly do?
What is technical debt and how does help in fixing it?
What kind of code can migrate or clean up?
What machine learning techniques does use to upgrade code?
How does achieve code migrations and dependency upgrades on autopilot?
How much faster can complete migrations compared to manual efforts?
What platforms is compatible with?
What are default migrations in
Can I write my own migrations in
How does use static analysis in code maintenance?
What patterns does identify in code for migration or clean up?
Which programming languages does support?
Can convert JavaScript to TypeScript?
How does convert class components to functional components?
How does convert JavaScript to arrow functions?
Does support migrations from AngularJS to Angular?
How does help in improving developer velocity?
Can be integrated with GitHub or VS Code?
How successful has been in generating code changes?
How is useful in dealing with time lost to maintenance tasks?

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