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Faster, improved code with debugging and explanations.
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Code Fundi is an AI coding assistant that helps developers write better code faster. It offers a Visual Studio Code extension, allowing developers to access its features directly within their code editor.

With Code Fundi, developers can cut down development time by eliminating the need to manually search the web for solutions. Instead, Code Fundi can generate code fixes and suggestions right in the editor.The tool provides various features, including code debugging, code generation, code explanation, and more, to help developers deliver bug-free code efficiently.

It can debug code and provide explanations for errors, helping developers understand and resolve issues quickly. Additionally, Code Fundi allows developers to chat with it, asking open-ended questions to receive real-time generated answers.

This AI-powered chat feature enables developers to leverage the tool's capabilities to gain deeper insights and assistance.Code Fundi is language-agnostic and can read and explain code written in any programming language.

This functionality simplifies complex code and saves developers time and effort in understanding its functionality.The tool caters to various user types, including students, developers, and companies.

It aims to boost productivity, automate workflows, and expedite the development process, helping users learn coding faster, submit assignments efficiently, enhance productivity, and launch products more quickly with the support of an on-demand AI assistant.Code Fundi offers different plans, including a developer plan, a pro plan, and an enterprise plan, each offering various features and limits tailored to the specific needs of users.

Documentation and support resources are available, ensuring users have access to the necessary information and assistance.


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