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Comprehensive interview prep and coding assistant with enhanced features
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hey, I think I am ready for the Mock Interview.
What are common behavioral questions in tech interviews?
I need create a flash card
Which programming language should I focus on for a front-end role?
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Career Sapling is a GPT that offers comprehensive assistance for interview preparation and coding challenges. Conceived as an app on top of ChatGPT, it serves as a robust platform that aids users in getting ready for interviews, particularly in the tech industry.

This tool provides useful insights on common behavioral questions which are often asked in tech interviews and guides users on the specific programming languages to prioritize based on their desired role.

Career Sapling facilitates users in creating flash cards that can aid in seamless preparation. Moreover, it includes an enhanced suite of features for ensuring interview success.

For user convenience, it supports Text to Speech extension which can be found in the chrome store. Although it requires ChatGPT Plus to function, it underscores the essential role of artificial intelligence in modern career development endeavors.


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