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ByRichardson Dackam Ngatchou
Ace coding interviews with algorithm tutoring!
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CodeTutor is a GPT that focuses on providing algorithm tutoring for coding interviews. Its primary goal is to assist users in understanding and resolving coding challenges of various complexities, from easy to hard.

It is a tool designed to enhance the user's coding skills by helping them understand problem statements and guidance for problem-solving. It achieves this by providing prompt starters to help users ask relevant questions about the challenge at hand.

Queries can range from seeking clarity on the problem, understanding the input format, to guidance on how to start solving the specific problem. CodeTutor operates on a conversational model and requires a ChatGPT Plus for functionality.

It provides a welcome message which introduces and guides the user about the tool's functionalities. Users are required to sign up to utilize CodeTutor's capabilities to its fullest extent.

The use of CodeTutor may facilitate the increase of performance in coding interviews by enhancing problem-solving abilities in the context of coding algorithms.


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