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Interview Solver is an AI-powered tool designed as an aiding instrument for solving live coding and system design interviews. Its main functionality revolves around providing solutions to coding problems taken from platforms like LeetCode, HackerRank, and CoderPad.

It operates as a desktop app, where the user can highlight any text on any platform and the AI copilot will provide a response to the query. In addition, this tool offers features like global hotkeys for ease of interaction with the AI and a screengrab tool for capturing contents of any window for solutions.

The tool is engineered with syntax highlighting support for major coding languages and support for diagrams and flowcharts. Its distinctiveness stems from its training data as it includes the entire set of all LeetCode questions.

The solutions provided by this tool are undetectable by browser APIs allowing users to employ this tool while participating in live interviews, reducing suspicion of cheating.

Interview Solver is recommendable for coding interview candidates with some experience, saving time from having to solve LeetCode problems independently, and offers an advantage during live interviews.


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Interview Solver was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 19th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Desktop application
Syntax highlighting feature
Supports multiple coding languages
Solutions for LeetCode problems
Helpers for HackerRank tasks
Aiding tool for CoderPad
Global hotkeys for interaction
Screengrabbing for tool input
Works on any platform
For live interview preparation
Support for diagrams, flowcharts
Trained on LeetCode dataset
Undetectable by browser APIs
Time-saving interview preparation
Flowchart & diagramming support
Text highlight to query
Refund policy available
Affiliate program
Integrates with all apps
Instant solutions provision
Effective against anti-cheating software
OS registered hotkeys
Solves both coding & system design
One-shot solutions to Leetcode
Transparent use during live interviews
Supports global hotkeys
Tailored for coding interviews
Helpful for experienced candidates
Available free trial
Different plans options
Ease of interaction
Seamless process for answers
Non-interference with other applications


Desktop application only
Limited to LeetCode questions
Potential ethical concerns
Might encourage dependence
Lack of specific language support
No mobile support
No collaboration features
Promotes unhealthy interview practices
Updates dependent on LeetCode


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