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Providing C++ interview prep and mock interviews.
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C++ Interview Assistant is a GPT designed to assist users with preparing for C++ coding interviews. Leveraging the capabilities of the ChatGPT Plus, it interactsively conducts mock interviews, tests and enhances the user's understanding of C++ concepts.

It poses challenges to the users simulating real-world coding interviews, and provides guidance towards improving their coding abilities. Additionally, it serves to answer queries that the user may have towards common C++ interview questions, providing a comprehensive preparation for hacking coding interviews.

Furthermore, it offers prompt starters for interactive engagement, these include but are not limited to initiating a coding challenge, simulating the environment for an interview, and suggestions to enhance C++ codes.

Overall, C++ Interview Assistant empowers the user for their forthcoming C++ coding interviews by strengthening their fundamentals, maintaining an interview-like environment, and guiding them towards corrective and optimized code writing practices.

Please note that access to C++ Interview Assistant requires signing up for ChatGPT Plus.


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