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Your software engineering mock interview coach.
GPT welcome message: Welcome! Ready for a mock software engineering interview?
Sample prompts:
Ask me a coding question.
Give me a hint for solving this algorithm.
Ask me a medium level question.
What is time and space complexity of this code?
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Code Interview Coach is a GPT developed for individuals preparing for software engineering interviews. It serves as a mock interviewer that provides users with coding challenges and guidance through the course of the interview prepping process.

As the GPT interacts with the user, it has the capability of posing coding questions which can range across varying levels of complexity, replicating the rigorous scenarios candidates often face in real job interviews.

In addition to providing coding problems, the GPT can also give hints for solving complex algorithms, thereby aiding users to think through and understand the logic behind the solutions.

It is also equipped to engage in discussions about the time and space complexity of code. This implicitly helps users to develop a deep understanding about algorithm efficiency, a key aspect in any software development process.

To use the Code Interview Coach, it requires a sign-up and is dependent on the ChatGPT Plus for operation. In essence, this tool acts as a comprehensive interview simulator, providing a valuable platform to practice, learn, improve problem solving, and coding efficiency skills.


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