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Automated eligibility verification & medical coding
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Sohar Health is a platform specifically designed for behavioral health companies, providing them with two key functionalities: patient eligibility verification and AI-powered medical coding.

This tool aims to streamline and automate various processes, allowing teams to focus on delivering superior outcomes at scale. By automating eligibility verification upon patient intake, Sohar Health helps increase conversion rates by swiftly determining if patients are eligible for behavioral health coverage.Furthermore, the platform assists in improving coding accuracy and reducing claim denials, thus potentially increasing revenue.

It achieves this through detailed information on patients' coverage, minimizing errors and ensuring precise billing. Sohar Health's AI-powered medical coding models aid in mitigating claims denials and minimizing the need for manual coding operations.Moreover, Sohar Health integrates seamlessly with existing Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, capturing patient interactions.

This integration enhances workflow efficiency and eliminates the need for manual data entry.For developers, Sohar Health offers powerful and user-friendly APIs, enabling fast-paced development.

Developers have access to comprehensive API documentation, libraries, and technical support to facilitate smooth integration with their existing systems.Sohar Health is backed by leading investors, guaranteeing its credibility and commitment to quality.

Healthcare organizations seeking to automate eligibility verification and medical coding can request a demo and get in touch with Sohar Health. The company is based in New York, NY, and ensures privacy and adherence to the terms of use outlined on their website.


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Pros and Cons


Automated eligibility verification
Optimized for behavioral health
Improves coding accuracy
Reduces claim denials
EHR system integration
Powerful, easy-to-use APIs
Comprehensive API documentation
Technical support for developers
Increased conversion rates
Increased revenue potential
Minimizes manual coding
Minimizes data entry
Trustworthy investment backing
Facilitates efficient workflows
Enhanced patient intake process
Privacy assurance
Terms of use adherence
Available demo request
New York based
Accessible libraries for developers


Specifically for behavioral health
Requires existing EHR integration
Dependent on insurance provider coverage
May not decrease manual coding
No on premise deployment
No GUI for non-developers
Limited to US-based businesses
Relies on accurate initial intake
Lack of transparency in pricing


What is Sohar Health?
What key functionalities does Sohar Health offer?
How does Sohar Health automate the eligibility verification process?
How does Sohar Health improve medical coding accuracy?
How does Sohar Health integrate with existing EHR systems?
What benefits do developers get with Sohar Health?
Who are the investors backing Sohar Health?
How does Sohar Health help increase conversion rates?
What benefits can healthcare organizations expect from Sohar Health?
How does Sohar Health ensure precise billing?
How does the AI in Sohar Health help reduce claims denials?
What is Sohar Health's location?
How can I request a demo for Sohar Health?
Does Sohar Health work with all types of insurance providers?
What is an API and how does it benefit me in the context of using Sohar Health?
What kind of technical support is available for Sohar Health?
Is there any documentation provided for using Sohar Health’s APIs?
How does Sohar Health ensure patient privacy?
Does Sohar Health adhere to specific terms of use?
What types of health companies is Sohar Health designed for?


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