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Automated billing for private medical practices.
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Health Harbor is an AI-powered tool designed to automate billing processes for private medical practices. It streamlines the often time-consuming task of working with insurance companies by eliminating the need for manual phone calls and paperwork.

Using Health Harbor is a simple and efficient process. Users can submit requests by inputting patient information and specifying whether they need eligibility or claims assistance.

This can be done as easily as sending an email. The AI technology behind Health Harbor takes over from there, making the necessary calls to insurance companies on behalf of the practice.

It retrieves the information requested and presents it in an easily accessible dashboard. Users can instantly view the status of their requests in real-time.Once a request is completed, Health Harbor allows users to view and print the full eligibility or claim status directly from the platform.

This eliminates the need for additional manual steps or transferring of data.In terms of security, Health Harbor places a high priority on the protection of patient and organizational data.

It adheres to HIPAA compliance standards and utilizes Vanta, a trusted monitoring system, to ensure the integrity of its technical infrastructure.Overall, Health Harbor offers a convenient and secure solution for automating billing processes in private medical practices, reducing administrative workload and improving efficiency.


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Pros and Cons


Automated billing processes
Real-time request status
Secure HIPAA compliant
Vanta monitoring system
Efficient data retrieval
Simplifies insurance interactions
Easily input patient information
Eliminates manual phone calls
Improves administrative efficiency
Single platform solution
Real-time dashboard
Direct printing capability
Supports eligibility and claims
Reduce administrative workload
Trustworthy infrastructure
Protected patient information
Secured organizational data
No data transferring needed
User-friendly interface
Tailored for private practices
Backed by Y Combinator


No offline functionality
No multi-user support
Limited to private practices
No customization options
No mobile application
Lack of integration options
No VR support
No language options
Doesn't support all insurances
Single type of dashboard


What is Health Harbor?
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Will Health Harbor interact with my insurance company directly?
How can I submit a request to Health Harbor?
How do I view the status of my requests in Health Harbor?
What happens when a request is completed in Health Harbor?
How does Health Harbor ensure the protection of patient and organizational data?
Does Health Harbor meet HIPAA compliance standards?
What kind of security system does Health Harbor use?
Can I print the eligibility or claim status directly from Health Harbor?
How does Health Harbor improve efficiency in billing processes?
How can Health Harbor help in reducing administrative workloads?
What information do I need to input to submit a request?
What kind of assistance can I request – claim or eligibility?
Can I see the status of my request in real-time in Health Harbor?
What is the role of the AI technology in Health Harbor?
Can Health Harbor retrieve information from insurance companies?
What kind of practices can benefit from using Health Harbor?
Do I need to enable JavaScript to run Health Harbor?

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