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Automated invoice processing using OCR.
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The AP Automation Software with Invoice OCR and Invoice Processing Workflow offered by Intelgic is a tool designed for accounting payable automation using AI technology.

It leverages Invoice OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to extract data from invoices and automates finance processes. The tool provides a Vision AI solution for video content analysis, video surveillance automation, fire detection, and object detention, tracking, and counting.

It also offers a Document AI solution, including the Doc Dog Intelligent Document Processing platform, which enables intelligent processing of documents such as invoices and receipts.

The platform includes invoice processing AI, receipts processing AI, and robotic accounting capabilities.The tool offers API documentation for easy integration and workflow automation features through their RPA (Robotic Process Automation) platform, including tools like Process Bot and RPA for finance, procurement, and HR processes.

Additionally, there are business process automation services available.The Invoice Processing AI Model for AP Automation extracts invoice data using a pre-trained AI model through API and workflow automation.

It boasts a fast invoice processing time, high data extraction accuracy, and significant efficiency gains for AP teams when combined with Intelgic RPA and Document AI.The tool supports end-to-end accounts payable automation, starting from sourcing invoices from various sources, automatically extracting data using the AI model, validating and transforming the data, and integrating it with existing systems through a webhook.

It also provides options for managing line items, exporting data in various formats, and securely uploading invoices.Furthermore, the tool emphasizes constant learning, with the AI model continually improving its accuracy through collecting data from corrections and exceptions.

Overall, the Intelgic AP Automation Software offers a comprehensive solution for automating and streamlining accounts payable processes using AI and OCR technologies.


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Pros and Cons


Automated invoice processing
OCR technology for data extraction
Robotic accounting capabilities
API documentation for integration
Offers workflow automation through RPA
Process Bot and RPA for various processes
Business process automation services
Fast invoice processing time
High data extraction accuracy
Efficiency gains for AP teams
End-to-end accounts payable automation
Validation and transformation of data
Integration with existing systems via webhook
Options for managing line items
Secure invoice uploading
Constant learning for improved accuracy
Video surveillance automation
Fire detection capabilities
Object detention, tracking and counting
Supports invoice, receipt, and document processing
API and workflow automation
Significant cost reduction
Supports PDF, scanned images, and some handwritten documents
Data security and compliance
Ability to extract customized data points
3-way and 4-way matching automation
Quick onboarding
Compatible with any document type
Supports multi-page invoices
Invoice data export in various formats
Automated collection of invoices
Automatic fraudulent invoice detection
Automatic repetitive and mundane tasks automation


Limited to English invoices
Doesn't support handwritten documents
Not clear data storage time
No offline mode
Page-based credit system
No free-tier
No support for non-Latin languages
Extra charges for extra models
Limited invoices for batch upload


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How does the tool ensure data security for invoices and receipts?
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Can you give more details on the Process Bot feature?
How does Doc Dog handle object detection, tracking and counting?
What exactly does the robotic accounting feature do in Doc Dog?
What's the process behind Doc Dog's invoice data extraction API?

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