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Streamline payment processors, enhance global checkout.
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Slicker is a payment orchestration platform designed to optimize your payment processors and create seamless checkout experiences. It enables you to monitor transactions, generate financial reports, and reduce vendor dependence.

With Slicker, you can integrate multiple payment service providers through a single integration, simplifying the onboarding process. The platform offers global coverage, allowing your customers to pay in their preferred currencies and supporting local payment methods.

Slicker employs smart routing capabilities to select the best payment service provider for each checkout session based on conversion trends and custom rules.

It also facilitates reconciliation and settlement by consolidating financial reports and providing a standardized financial data stream for easy comparison.

With Slicker, you can orchestrate refunds, manage disputes, and handle complex payment scenarios using a customizable portal. The platform offers comprehensive reports and alerting features to help you monitor essential payment metrics and proactively identify issues.

It seamlessly integrates with your existing payment setup, including widely used providers such as Stripe, Adyen, PayPal, and Worldpay from FIS.Slicker caters to different business sectors, providing tailored solutions for retail, digital businesses, and marketplaces.

It aims to enhance payment flows, improve conversions, reduce fraud, and highlight relevant payment methods globally. The platform is suitable for businesses looking to expand their subscription services, embed payments into their platforms, and streamline complex payment processes.Overall, Slicker offers businesses an AI-powered payments infrastructure that enables them to route and optimize payments globally, report finances, combat fraud, and enhance the overall payment experience.


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Slicker was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 15th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Optimizes payment processors
Creates seamless checkout experiences
Monitors transactions
Generates financial reports
Reduces vendor dependence
Single integration for multiple providers
Offers global coverage
Supports local payment methods
Employ smart routing capabilities
Automated financial reconciliation and settlement
Standardized financial data stream
Orchestrates refunds
Manages disputes
Handle complex payment scenarios
Customizable payment portal
Comprehensive payment reporting
Proactive alerting features
Compatible with major payments providers
Tailored solutions for various sectors
Enhances payment flows
Improves conversions
Reduces fraud risks
Global checkout enhancement
Suitable for expanding subscription services
Supports payment embedding in platforms
Streamlines complex payment processes
Supports preferred currencies
Provides Payment Vendor Independence
Capable of high-volume payment orchestration
Compatible with Stripe, Adyen, PayPal
Custom rules for payment routing
Consolidates financial reports
Monitors essential payment metrics
Optimal checkout scenario creation
Can increase conversion rates
Can reduce fraud instances
Payment methods suitable for global market
Perfect for retail, digital, and marketplaces
Optimized for subscription businesses
Embeds payments into platforms
Complex flow without compatibility worries
Retail payment unification
Involuntary churn prevention
Transfer funds according to business model
Supports optimal payment routing


Limited payment provider integrations
No currency conversion features
Lacks payment delay handling
No free trial offered
No evident API documentation
Comprehensive reporting can be overwhelming
Complex setup for beginners
Vendor dependence reduction not detailed
Custom rules creation undefined
Doesn't support all business sectors


What is Slicker and what does it do?
How does Slicker enhance the checkout experience?
How does Slicker integrate with existing payment service providers?
Which payment service providers does Slicker support?
What is the purpose of Slicker's smart routing capabilities?
How does Slicker simplify reconciliation and settlement?
What is the customization capability of Slicker?
Can Slicker assist in managing refunds and disputes?
What kind of reports and alerts does Slicker offer?
Is Slicker suitable for all businesses or specific sectors?
How does Slicker contribute to fraud reduction?
What currencies and local payment methods does Slicker support?
Can Slicker assist businesses expanding their subscription services?
How is Slicker helping to streamline complex payment processes?
Can Slicker be integrated with multiple payment service providers simultanesouly?
How does Slicker optimize global payments?
How do Slicker's AI capabilities enhance its payment infrastructure?
Does Slicker offer global coverage for payment processing?
What advantages does Slicker offer for retail, digital businesses, and marketplaces?
How does Slicker's platform contribute to improving conversions?

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