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Your AI tool to fight big corporations and beat bureaucracy.
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DoNotPay is an AI-driven platform designed to protect consumer rights and simplify interactions with bureaucracies and corporations. It's created to empower users to take actions like appealing parking tickets, continuing free trials, managing subscriptions, and even countering robocallers legally.

Through this tool, users can navigate legal self-help and access information to fight unfair charges, find hidden money, and deal with debts. It can assist with filing complaints against corporations, waiving fees, cancelling subscriptions after a free trial, and disputing traffic tickets, among other tasks.

Moreover, it can support in connecting with government representatives, ensuring copyright protection and providing aid to counter email and text spam.

It offers services ranging from dealing with city repairs to assisting individuals in discovering and applying for scholarships and much more. By signing up, users agree to DoNotPay's terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Please note that DoNotPay is not a law firm and does not have a license to practice law.

Donotpay was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 25th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Wide range of legal services
Can help sue anyone
Cancelling free trials
Beating parking tickets
Suing robocallers for cash
Finding hidden money
Filing an 83b election
Creating advance health care directives
Appealing banned accounts
Simple and intuitive interface
Provides legal advice and tips
Consumer Rights Protection
Traffic Violation Disputes
Subscription Management
Robocall Counter
City Repairs
Legal Self-Help
Debt Management
Parking Ticket Appeals
Government Interaction
Assists in countering email and text spam
Assists in dealing with city repairs
Support in scholarship discovery and application
Waiving fees
Filing complaints against corporations
Disputing traffic tickets
Connects with government representatives
Ensures copyright protection
Chargebacks and Refunds
Burner Phones
Removing background from image
Jumping the phone queue
Robocall compensation
Late Delivery Refunds
Negotiation with Companies
Copyright protection
Help with bills and rent


No legal license
Services restricted by location
Doesn't provide personal legal advice
Limited feature accessibility
No live support
Reliance on terms and conditions
Depends on user interpretation
Variable service efficacy
No physical presence
Strictly online operations


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Is DoNotPay a law firm?
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What resources does DoNotPay offer for legal advice and information?
Can DoNotPay assist in fighting unfair charges or finding hidden money?
How can DoNotPay help with debt management?
Does DoNotPay connect individuals with government representatives?
How does DoNotPay assist in copyright protection?
How can users sign up for DoNotPay?
What are the terms and conditions for using DoNotPay?
How is the user interface of DoNotPay designed?
How does DoNotPay assist with managing city repairs?
Does DoNotPay assist in applying for scholarships?
What type of assistance does DoNotPay provide in dealing with bureacracies?
Can DoNotPay assist in filing complaints against corporations?

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