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Inwisely is an AI-powered platform that automates account receivable processes for businesses. The tool offers a variety of features to streamline the payment process and improve efficiency.

One of the key capabilities of Inwisely is the ability to choose a follow-up sequence suggested by AI. This feature helps businesses decide on the most effective way to follow up with customers regarding payments, ensuring timely payment collections.Users can easily upload invoices through different methods such as manual upload, connecting their accounting software or ERP, or by simply emailing them to Inwisely.

Once uploaded, users can forget about follow-ups as Inwisely automates the process, sending personalized emails to customers.The tool also provides a monitoring feature that allows users to view the history of communication with customers for each invoice.

Additionally, an aging report provides an update on the status of outstanding payments.Inwisely offers integration with major ERPs and accounting tools, allowing for seamless data exchange.

The platform supports multiple users, enabling businesses to assign different account managers to specific customers. Users can track the status of sent emails, ensuring delivery, opening, and replies are recorded.The tool prioritizes data security, with encrypted storage on AWS.

Inwisely can be integrated into other platforms, providing a headless mode for immediate access to intelligent follow-up features.Lastly, Inwisely allows users to capture promise-to-pay commitments and execute workflows on the promised dates.

This feature helps businesses keep track of customer commitments and ensure timely payments.In summary, Inwisely is an AI-powered platform that automates account receivable processes, offering functionalities such as AI-suggested follow-up sequences, invoice upload and automation, monitoring of communication history, integration with ERPs and accounting tools, data security, and promise-to-pay workflows.


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Sep 30, 2023
Inwisely provides way to followup for payments, a critical part of the business effortlessly and efficiently using AI

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