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AI-powered insights & reporting tool for C-levels, finance, & ops.
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Daydream is an AI-powered analytics, insights, and reporting tool targeted primarily at C-level executives, COOs, finance teams, and operations teams. Its key differentiator is its ability to connect hard data with the 'story' behind it, enabling in-depth understanding, better decision-making, and rapid execution in operational workflows.

It provides a collaborative platform with a wide range of features, from driving accountability and tracking goals, to facilitating deep data dives and spotlighting wins.

It also aids in merging siloed elements of a business and in capturing and retaining context about data points, thus actively supporting team communication and cohesion.

Daydream provides comprehensive, best-in-class metrics and reporting which can assist various roles, ranging from CEOs, Execs, Founders who want to understand every level of their business; CROs & GTM Leadership who seek prompt insights for growth; BizOps, RevOps, and FP&A teams who want to enhance KPI reporting; to Data Teams that can leverage the tool for making insights self-serve.

It also offers a list of templates to get users up and running quickly. Moreover, Daydream grants access to data via non-SQL methods, simplifying exploration and understanding for all professionals, not just data analysts.


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Daydream was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 18th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Data and story connection
In-depth data understanding
Rapid operational execution
Collaborative platform
Wide feature range
Drives accountability
Tracks goals
Facilitates data dives
Spotlights wins
Silo bridging
Context capturing and retention
Supports team cohesion
Comprehensive metrics
Best-in-class reporting
Template availability
Non-SQL data access
Simplifies data exploration
Can be self-serve
Targets various roles
Increases team impact
Best for execs and ops
Enables better decisions
Connects discussion with data
One-click report building
Company-wide visibility
No SQL knowledge required
Scales with growth
Single-click datasource connection
Tool for whole team
Replaces fragmented reporting
Drill-down feature
Time travel feature
Promotes organisational memory


Focused on C-level executives
Not suited for SMEs
Heavy focus on narrative
Limited non-SQL data exploration
Reliance on user-provided context
Requires business knowledge for insights
Limited template variety
Possibly overwhelming for non-analysts
No indication of real-time analytics
Lack of customizable features


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Why was Daydream voted as 'Product of the Day'?
How does Daydream help in driving accountability and tracking goals?
Does Daydream provide access to non-SQL access to data?
How does Daydream support team communication and cohesion?
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