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Beyond Limits is an AI software provider that blends numeric techniques such as machine learning with knowledge-based reasoning to produce actionable intelligence.

Known for its hybrid AI technology, it caters to some of the most demanding sectors, delivering solutions designed for enterprise usage. The software offers a collection of AI tools that are designed to assist with decision making, employee productivity, risk mitigation and the realization of digital transformation strategies within organizations.

Beyond Limits' palette of solutions caters to various industries including smart energy & renewables, oil & gas, power & utilities, manufacturing & industrial IoT, healthcare, and financial services.

Additional offerings from the platform encompass a predictive recommendations engine and a variety of specialized tools for operations such as DocLink, Blend Optimizer and Sensor Placement for Water Leak Detection.

The Platform also emphasizes on explainability, providing understandable and auditable AI recommendations thus enhancing the user's oversight and control on AI-powered processes.


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