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Delivering state-of-the-art AI and Big Data solutions for your competitive edge.
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NeuroForge offers tailored AI and big data solutions with an emphasis on human-centered design. It delivers a range of services including AI development and consulting, Big Data implementation and consulting, technology consulting, custom software development, and product ideation workshops.

Established in 2019, the company relies on their experienced team for a comprehensive set of AI-related needs offering AI product utilization and the development of custom AI solution.

NeuroForge can also assist businesses in making data-driven decisions, uncover hidden insights, and capitalizing on new business opportunities by means of big data analytics.

Its custom software development services aim to help businesses streamline operations, increase productivity, and provide unique values to their customers.

They also offer technology consulting to help their clients navigate the landscape of AI, Big Data, and IT developments. The company's services extend to training users how to conceptualize product ideas that are aligned with customer needs, guiding them from the conceptual stage to a ready-to-go product roadmap.

They have also created products such as ProFeed and NF Compose, designed to provide simple-to-use solutions incorporating AI into everyday business projects.


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Pros and Cons


Covers diverse industries
Big Data development
ETL via pipelines & integrations
OnPrem & Cloud-Architecture Consulting
Offers interim CTO
Technology investment advising
Tailor-made solutions
High-quality work standards
Innovation kickstart workshops
Data strategy development services
Experience with multiple clients
Data integrations
R&D setup
Scientific approach
Long-term partnerships
High efficiency solutions
Cost reduction strategies
Optimizing business processes
High-tech internal standards
Expertise in digital transformation


No clear pricing structure
Website not fully translated
Mentions of established processes without clear details
Over-reliance on jargon
No API details mentioned
No standalone product available
Actual use case examples lacking
Limited information on data security measures
No customer support details


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What constitutes NeuroForge's BigData Development process?

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