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Automated competition analysis for sales teams.
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CueTap is an AI-powered platform that provides sales teams with automated Battlecards and Competitive Intelligence (CI). Battlecards are data-driven records that provide insights into competitors’ products and services, helping sales teams to identify competitive advantages and weaknesses.

CI provides actionable competitive insights to inform sales strategies and increase sales success.CueTap's platform automates the process of creating and maintaining Battlecards, enabling PMMs to quickly share knowledge and make it actionable.

It also offers features such as single source of truth that is always up to date, actionable insights, and onboarding and training for sales teams.CueTap offers two plans: Individual and Business.

The Individual plan includes 1 team user, 2 competitors, 5 prospect cards, 100 pages, 5 daily tracked pages, page change tracking, search, daily/weekly reports, keywords cloud, and a free Battlecard Generator.

The Business plan includes everything in the individual plan, plus 5 team users, 200 prospect cards, 10 companies, 1500 pages, unlimited workspaces, read-only workspace access sharing, 60 daily tracked pages, sales Battlecards, automagical news, and automagical blog.CueTap also offers a Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions for users.


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CueTap was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 15th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automated Battlecards
Competitive Intelligence
Single source of truth
Actionable insights
Onboarding and training support
Individual and Business plans
Page change tracking
Provides daily/weekly reports
Keyword cloud feature
Battlecard generator
Automagical news
Automagical blog
Data-driven records
Sales strategy informer
Up to date data
Unlimited workspaces in business plan
Workspace access sharing
Sales Battlecards
PMMs can share knowledge
Onboarding and competitive positioning
Automagical data extraction
Privacy policy and terms & conditions


Limited competitors tracking
Restricted pages
Limited daily tracked pages
5 team users maximum
Expensive Business plan
No API mentioned
Search function unspecified
No custom plan options
Limited battlecard generators
Lacks multi-language support


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How does CueTap automate the process of creating and maintaining Battlecards?
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What kind of training does CueTap offer to sales teams?
What are the differences between the Individual and Business plans in CueTap?
What is included in CueTap's free Battlecard Generator?
How many competitors can CueTap track under the Individual plan?
How many pages does CueTap's Business plan track daily?
What does 'automagical news' and 'automagical blog' mean in CueTap's Business plan?
What are the privacy policies of CueTap?
Can users edit and maintain their Battlecards on CueTap?
How does CueTap assist with onboarding and training?
How does CueTap extract data-points about competitors?
What are the benefits of CueTap for PMMs?
How does CueTap impact Sales KPIs?

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