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Guides in choosing the right business data visualizations.
GPT welcome message: Welcome! Let's find the best way to visualize your data.
Sample prompts:
Can you describe the data you want to visualize?
What's the title and variables for your visualization?
Who is the audience for your data visualization?
Do you have an example data set for visualization?
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The Data Visualisation Assistant is a GPT that aids in the selection of appropriate business data visualizations. Its primary function is to provide guidance, offering insights into the best ways to visually represent different types of data.

This GPT is essential for business analysts, data scientists, and anyone seeking to make their data understandable and engaging through visuals. This tool prompts its users with key questions about their data to help determine the best visualization method.

These prompts include inquiries about the nature of the data, the information being visualized, the audience that will be viewing the data, and any examples of the data set.

This GPT's goal is to promote effective communication through data visualizations, catering to the user's specific needs and the nature of the data they're working with.

This tool requires ChatGPT Plus for optimal performance.


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