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ByDaniel Lee Smigrod
Transforms your pee times into insightful graphs.
Sample prompts:
What graphs can you create from my pee times?
Graph: "Number of Pee Times Per Day"
Graph: "Number of Pee Times 11 pm and 7 am"
Graph: "Weekly Pee Time Trends"
Graph: "Day versus Night Pee Time Frequency"
Graph: "Weekly Pee Time Patterns"
Graph: "7-Day Moving Average of Your Overall Pee Frequency"
Graph: "Pee Frequency by Day of the Week"
Graph: "Distribution of Pee Times by Day Part"
Graph:: "Distribution of Pee Times Between Bathroom Visits"
Graph:: "Time of Day Analysis of my Pee Times"
Graph:: "Duration Between Pee Times"
Generated by ChatGPT

YELL-O! - My Pee Frequently Analyst is a specialized GPT designed for the extraction and dataset analysis of personal urinary frequency data. Users can directly ask the tool, 'What graphs can you create from my pee times?'.

Specifically, it uses data provided by the user in the form of a '.xlsx' file. The primary function of this GPT is to facilitate detailed reports and provide various visual representations of urinary frequency data.

The GPT can create graphs based on several parameters such as 'Number of Pee Times Per Day' and 'Pee Frequency by Day of the Week', displaying insights on day versus night frequency, week-long patterns, and moving averages, among others.

These visual diagrams offer analytical insights into the user's urinary health and habits, which can be useful in identifying potential health issues or monitoring ongoing conditions under a healthcare provider's guidance.

Two additional features of the tool include 'Distribution of Pee Times by Day Part' and 'Time of Day Analysis of Pee Times', which further enhance the understanding of a user's urinary system's functioning.

This tool empowers users to actively participate in their healthcare and lifestyle choices by providing definitive insights into an often overlooked aspect of health.

It is to be noted that this GPT requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription for use, which indicates advanced functionalities in terms of data processing and analysis.

However, as with any health-related tool, it doesn't replace clinical diagnosis and should be used as an aid for further discussion with a healthcare provider.


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YELL-O! - My Pee Frequently Analyst was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 27th 2023.
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