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Tailored health analysis and recommendations.
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Dr. Gupta is an AI driven chatbot that provides personalized health information and suggestions to its users. It requires users to input their medical information, including vital signs, symptoms, allergies, and medications, to enable the chatbot to give more informative and personalized suggestions.

Users can choose between Imperial and SI metrics to input their information. The chatbot also provides options to input lab test results related to albumin, ALT, AST, BUN, calcium, creatinine, glucose, HbA1c, potassium, sodium, triglycerides, LDL, HDL, and eGFR.

Dr. Gupta can be accessed after a free login/signup and provides five free messages to new users. It also offers premium plans with more advanced features, which require payment.

Users can inquire about pricing and plan options through a link provided on the website. Overall, Dr. Gupta aims to enhance access to health information and advice with the convenience of a chatbot service.

The website takes a straightforward approach and primarily focuses on medical inquiries, and it looks like users can contact customer support via a provided link for policy and general contact inquiries.

The service provides a potentially useful resource for users seeking health advice, further demonstrating the growing role of AI in the healthcare industry.


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DR Gupta was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 20th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized health suggestions
Imperial and SI metrics
Lab test results input
Free signup/login
Five free messages
Premium plans available
Easy access to pricing
Customer support contact
Focuses on medical inquiries
Can input vital statistics
Supports multiple test types


Limited free messages
Requires detailed medical information
Lacks visible privacy assurance
No multilingual support
No mobile applications
Limited lab test options
Premium features require payment
Absence of live human support
No apparent emergency systems
Unclear troubleshooting methods


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How can I find out about the pricing and plan options for Dr. Gupta?
Does Dr. Gupta provide customer support?
How does Dr. Gupta aim to enhance access to health information?
What is the primary focus of Dr. Gupta's service?
Is Dr. Gupta only accessible through its website?
Can I use Dr. Gupta if I don't have a Twitter account?
How many free messages gets a new user of Dr. Gupta?
Can I input my information in SI metrics on Dr. Gupta?
Is there a special term and policy for using Dr. Gupta?
Can I send messages without signing up on Dr. Gupta?
Does Dr. Gupta provide health advice based on my medication?
Will my allergies be considered by Dr. Gupta in its health suggestions?


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