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Fast online medical advice platform.
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AI Health Mind is an AI tool that offers free medical advice and health-related queries to anyone seeking it. The website uses cutting-edge AI technology to answer medical questions and provides responses to submitted questions within 5 minutes.

Users can submit their queries in clear and specific language by filling out a simple form on the website. The service covers a range of general and specialized categories, including anxiety advice, mental health, and doctor consultation.

However, questions other than related to health and sex are not welcome. One can ask one question per post, and irrelevant or offensive submissions will get deleted.

The platform aims to be a supplementary resource that can inform decision-making around health, and users are advised that it should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice or diagnosis.

This tool can be useful for those who cannot access medical care regularly or cannot afford medical consultation fees. The website is easy to use and convenient for anyone seeking medical advice or solutions without spending money or visiting healthcare centers.


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Jan 5, 2024
This is a discontinued service

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AI Health Mind was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 23rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Free medical advice
Offers mental health coaching
Fast response within 5 minutes
Accessible platform for health consultation
Uniform query submission form
Covers general and specialized categories
Controls irrelevant or offensive submissions
Easy to use website
Questions are publicly published
Provides free anxiety advice
Reliable medical information
Accurate answers
100% free service
Updated regularly with latest questions
No personal information required
Ideal for those with limited medical access
Supports decision-making around health
Supports those who cannot afford consultation fees


Limited query categories
No sex related questions
One question per post
Irrelevant questions deleted
Questions publicly published
Delayed response time
Maximum limit on requests
No provision for personalization
Lacks professional medical counsel
Not a substitute for professional diagnosis


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What happens if I ask irrelevant or offensive questions on AI Health Mind?
How often can I submit queries to AI Health Mind?
Is this tool intended to replace professional medical consults?
Do all users have a limit on the number of queries they can perform on AI Health Mind?
Why are sex-related questions not welcome on AI Health Mind?
How does AI Health Mind manage privacy and personal information?
Can the AI Health Mind diagnose my illness?
Is AI Health Mind always a reliable source for health advice?
How can I get the best help from AI Health Mind?
Is AI Health Mind accessible to people outside of my country?
Can I use AI Health Mind for urgent medical advice?
Is AI Health Mind suitable for mental health inquiries?
Why is AI Health Mind a good option for those who cannot afford regular medical consultation?
Do the answers provided by AI Health Mind consider the latest advancements in medical science?
Can I re-submit my question if I don't receive a response from AI Health Mind?


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