Therapy 30 Mar 2023
Personalized mental health guidance & coping tactics.

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MindMateGPT is an AI-powered therapist app that offers personalized mental health support, expert advice, and effective coping strategies. The app prompts users to answer a series of questions about themselves, such as their childhood, relationship status, religion, education level, and family life.

This information is then used by the app to provide tailored mental health advice and support. It also includes a chatbot feature where users can communicate with a virtual therapist named TherapistGPT.

It is important to note that the data inserted by the user is sent to OpenAI, the creators of the app, only for the duration of the session, after which it is deleted.

The app developers do not store any user data and anonymity is maintained throughout the engagement with the app. Additionally, a disclaimer is provided, stating that the makers of the app are not associated with OpenAI or ChatGPT and are not responsible for any advice given by the virtual therapist.Overall, MindMateGPT offers an innovative platform for individuals seeking personalized mental health support and advice.

The app's use of AI technology allows for tailored support that can be accessed at any time, making it a convenient and accessible resource for those in need of mental health assistance.

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Anthony Teixeira
· Aug 7, 2023
It's the maker of MindMateGPT here. Focus group results After vetting the survey for duplicate entries, we were left with 10 users that participated in the focus group The average user had used the app for 3 weeks, and the average frequency was daily 100% of the users felt the app helped them improve their mental health, and 90% of them felt the app gave them a better ability to handle emotional distress. The average perceived mental health score went from a 3.8 to a 8.4 on a 1-10 scale

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Pros and Cons


Personalized mental health guidance
Effective coping strategies
Engaging user prompts
Interactions with virtual therapist
Data deleted post-session
Anonymity maintained by app
Convenient & accessible
App developers don't store data
Own Artificial Intelligence tech


Personal data input may be uncomfortable
Anonymity may make connections impersonal
Only temporary data storage
Risk of inappropriate advice
Responsibility disclaimer
Lack of human counselor alternative
Limited session duration


What is MindMateGPT?
How does MindMateGPT provide personalized mental health guidance?
What is the function of the chatbot feature in MindMateGPT?
Is my conversation with TherapistGPT private?
Is the data I provide to MindMateGPT stored permanently?
What kind of information does MindMateGPT ask for personalization?
How does MindMateGPT use the data I provide?
Do the creators of MindMateGPT have any affiliation with OpenAI?
Can MindMateGPT replace professional therapeutic help?
What are the risks involved in using MindMateGPT for counselling?
Can MindMateGPT give harmful advice?
How is the data I provide to MindMateGPT protected?
What can I do if I am not satisfied with the advice given by TherapistGPT?
What languages does MindMateGPT support?
What platforms is MindMateGPT available on?
How is MindMateGPT personalized to my mental health needs?
Do I have to answer all the questions asked by MindMateGPT?
Can I stop using MindMateGPT anytime I want?
Is MindMateGPT free or do I have to pay?
How can I start using MindMateGPT?

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