Therapy 2023-08-27
Mental wellbeing therapy with personalized support.
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Lily is an AI tool designed to provide personalized wellness support. This free AI therapist offers confidential and instant assistance, utilizing the latest advancements in artificial intelligence.

Users can engage with Lily through the web or text, making it accessible anytime and anywhere. One notable feature is its voice-activation capability, enabling users to converse with Lily directly through their phone or laptop microphone, eliminating the need for typing.

Unlike other AI bots, Lily has the ability to remember previous conversations, allowing for progress tracking over time.Privacy is a priority with Lily, as it acts as a private wellness partner, ensuring confidentiality of user information.

It covers a wide range of wellness areas, including anxiety, stress, self-esteem, personal growth, confidence, sadness, trauma, relationships, grief, healing, and anger management, among others.Lily is presented as a comprehensive digital companion, encompassing roles such as a meditation guide, spiritual advisor, mental health advocate, and a supportive friend available whenever needed.

It aims to put users in control of their wellness journey and does not offer medical advice or operate as a medical device.Overall, Lily provides a user-friendly and personalized AI tool that offers ongoing wellness support to individuals seeking confidential assistance and guidance in various areas of their lives.


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Lily was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 30th 2023.
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