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Mental health platform for support and resources.
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FriendnPal is a mental health AI platform that aims to provide accessible support for everyday mental well-being. The platform offers a range of features and services to assist users in maintaining their mental health.One of the key features of FriendnPal is the virtual one-on-one chat with a human therapist.

Users can easily book therapy sessions from the comfort of their own homes, even in their local dialect. This eliminates the need to leave the house to seek help.The app also includes ASMR sounds for relaxation and stress relief.

Users can choose from a variety of calming sounds, such as nature tunes, to ease their minds.Another feature is "My Journal," a digital tool that allows users to track their mood, thoughts, and triggers.

This feature aims to improve mental well-being by providing users with a way to ease and monitor their feelings.FriendnPal also offers a supportive mental health community where users can connect with others who understand their journey.

This community provides a space for sharing stories, finding compassion, and accessing therapist guidance.Additionally, the platform provides a collection of articles dedicated to supporting mental health.

These articles cover various topics related to stress management, anxiety, and overall well-being, offering valuable insights for users.Overall, FriendnPal seeks to break the silence surrounding mental health and offers a comprehensive solution for individuals looking to prioritize their mental well-being.


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FriendnPal was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 5th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Virtual one-on-one therapist chat
Easily book therapy sessions
Supports local dialects
Incorporates ASMR sounds
Variety of relaxing sounds
Features mental health journal
Enables mood and trigger tracking
Offers mental health community
Access to therapist guidance
Includes mental health articles
Covers stress management topics
Accessible mental well-being support
Daily mental health check-up
Support in multiple African languages
Sessions booked from home
Qualified therapists available
Community sharing feature
Practical tips for anxiety
Insights for overall wellbeing
Endorsement from personal stories
Cultivates Gratitude-focused mentality
Facility to track journey
Shares experiences
Connections with mental health partners


Lacks emergency crisis handling
No multi-language support
Potential privacy concerns
No group therapy option
Chatbot limited to text
Lacks dedicated IOS version
Limited ASMR sound choices
No professional help replacement
Journal feature lacks detail
Therapist availability not defined


What is FriendnPal?
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What are ASMR sounds, and how can they help with relaxation and stress relief on FriendnPal?
What is the 'My Journal' feature in FriendnPal?
How can 'My Journal' help improve my mental well-being on FriendnPal?
What is the FriendnPal mental health community?
How can I connect with others in the FriendnPal mental health community?
What topics are covered by the articles available on FriendnPal?
How does FriendnPal aim to break the silence surrounding mental health?
Can FriendnPal assist users in different African languages and local ways of speaking?
Who are the qualified therapists available for virtual sessions with FriendnPal?
What kind of sounds are available for ASMR stress relief on FriendnPal?
Can I share my story within the FriendnPal community?
What is the aim of using ASMR Sounds on FriendnPal?
Does I need to pay for FriendnPal services?
How can FriendnPal help those who are dealing with work pressure and anxiety?
Are stress management and anxiety-related resources available on FriendnPal?


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