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Self-exploration to understand your world and navigate life successfully.
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Sample prompts:
I'm having a tough time
I need someone to talk to
I'm in a difficult relationship
Help me understand my feelings
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TherapistGPT is an application built on top of ChatGPT, designed to aid users in self-discovery and understanding their internal emotional landscape. The core idea of this GPT is to assist users in recognizing their own role in the struggles they encounter, accepting aspects of life that cannot be changed, and providing support in successfully navigating everyday challenges.

The primary appeal of TherapistGPT is its focus on introspection and the mental well-being of its users. It provides an interactive and confidential environment where users can express their sentiments and concerns freely.

Typical prompt starters include phrases such as 'I'm having a tough time', 'I need someone to talk to', 'I'm in a difficult relationship', and 'Help me understand my feelings', which can initiate a conversation aiming to provide emotional support and insights into one's mental state.

It's important to note that to utilize TherapistGPT, a subscription to ChatGPT Plus is required. In essence, TherapistGPT acts as a therapeutic tool facilitating self-exploration and offering guidance on mental resilience and personal growth.


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