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Mental health support and emotional companion.
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GentleGossip is an AI-powered mental health counselor and emotional support companion. This application aims to provide users with clarity and support in their daily lives.

The platform prioritizes user privacy, ensuring that no conversation data is retained or logged.Once logged in, users are greeted by Audrey, the AI-powered counselor.

Audrey creates a welcoming atmosphere, assuring users that there is no pressure during the session. The main objective is to help users gain clarity and improve their emotional well-being.GentleGossip allows users to discuss any topic that has been on their mind recently.

By engaging in conversation with Audrey, users can share their thoughts, concerns, or challenges they are facing. The AI counselor responds to these inputs, providing advice, encouragement, or simply lending a listening ear.The application is available in multiple languages, including English, Français, Español, हिंदी, Hinglish, ਪੰਜਾਬੀ, and Deutsch, allowing a wider audience to access its services.In summary, GentleGossip is an AI tool designed to offer mental health support and companionship.

Users can interact with Audrey, the AI counselor, to gain clarity and emotional well-being. The platform assures privacy by not retaining or logging any conversation data.

With its accessibility in multiple languages, GentleGossip aims to extend its support to a diverse user base.


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GentleGossip was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 7th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Multilingual support
Strict user privacy
Conversational advice style
Handles diverse topics
Improves emotional well-being
Doesn't retain conversation data
Flexible use timing
24/7 availability
No pressure atmosphere
Direct user engagement
Clarity provider
Support for multiple languages
Adaptable to user's pace
User-friendly interface
Accessible from multiple devices
Continuous improvement via feedback
Imparts positivity


Lacks human empathy
Misses nuanced communication
No real-time support
Limited to text communication
Unreliable for severe mental health issues
No emergency contact
Might not recognize user's emotions
Accuracy heavily relies on user input
No option for video sessions


What is GentleGossip?
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Does GentleGossip offer multilingual support?
Can I discuss any topic with Audrey on GentleGossip?
How does Audrey, the AI counselor, provide help?
Does GentleGossip retain or log my conversation data?
Is there any pressure during sessions with GentleGossip's AI counselor?
How can GentleGossip improve my emotional well-being?
Is the GentleGossip application available worldwide?
Who can use GentleGossip's services?
Why does GentleGossip use an AI-powered counselor?
Can GentleGossip help me deal with specific mental health challenges?
Can GentleGossip give me clarity on personal concerns?
What kind of mental health support does GentleGossip offer?
Is GentleGossip a good substitute for physical therapy sessions?
Does Audrey on GentleGossip provide any specific advice or just listens?
How frequently can I interact with Audrey on GentleGossip?


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