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Trauma support group facilitated online
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Space of Mind is an online therapy and trauma support group designed to provide affordable PTSD therapy. This AI-powered platform offers a healing space facilitated by a therapist where individuals can participate in anonymous group sessions to address their trauma experiences and work towards transformative healing.The program offers an "All-you-can-heal" pass, allowing unlimited group sessions with a therapist for a fixed monthly fee.

Users can choose from various group sessions focused on trauma, PTSD recovery, grief, inner peace, and trauma-focused therapy for women. By engaging with an avatar chat, users can identify their symptoms, severity, and type of trauma experience, which then guides them to the most relevant and supportive resources and tools.Through weekly 60-minute sessions, individuals receive support, techniques, and tools to heal from trauma.

They can track the effectiveness of different approaches to find what works best for them. The platform promotes a combination of therapy and accountability coaching to explore emotions, overcome limiting beliefs, and hold users accountable for their progress.Space of Mind emphasizes the importance of education and evidence-based techniques in trauma recovery.

Their experienced therapists provide individuals with the necessary skills to understand their condition, identify triggers, recognize limiting beliefs, and effectively manage their symptoms.By joining Space of Mind, individuals can connect with like-minded individuals on a journey towards healing and growth.

This platform aims to help individuals turn challenging experiences into positive outcomes by building resilience and developing effective symptom management strategies.Space of Mind is committed to providing affordable and accessible PTSD therapy, making healing and support available to a wider audience.


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Pros and Cons


Online therapy platform
Affordable PTSD therapy
Unlimited group sessions
Fixed monthly fee
Avatar chat engagement
Symptom & trauma type identification
Education on trauma recovery
Evidence-based techniques
Accountability coaching
Goal tracking abilities
Weekly 60-minute sessions
Variety of focused group sessions
Anonymous group sessions
Supportive resources
Resilience building
Effective symptom management
Connecting with similar individuals
Experienced therapists
Different tools effectiveness tracking
Accessible PTSD therapy
Anonymous therapy option
Focuses on positive outcomes
Focuses on education
Trauma recovery for veterans
Grief coping sessions
Sessions for inner peace
Therapy for women
Recognizing limiting beliefs
Overcome limiting beliefs
Tools for recognizing triggers
Newsletter updates


Limited to group sessions
Requires monthly subscription
Avatar-based symptom identification
Not suited for acute trauma
Limited self-paced resources
Lacks individual therapy option
No offline functionality
Fixed therapy duration
Potential stigma in male-oriented groups
Limited personalization of strategies

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