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Making mental health accessible to all.
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New Resilience is an online platform designed to democratize access to mental health care with a specific focus on psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.

The platform integrates technology with highly trained professionals, providing round-the-clock access to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) experts. The platforms primary function is to support users in enhancing their mental well-being and achieving personal therapeutic goals.

This therapeutic platform provides services for both individual users seeking therapy and therapists who would leverage the platform as tools for their practices.

For therapists, it offers scalable solutions to potentially reach a larger patient base. New Resilience also emphasizes on educating users about mental health through its 'Learn' feature.

Despite its digital nature, New Resilience maintains a firm commitment to privacy, with users' data being protected as per Google's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.


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New Resilience was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 11th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


24/7 access to therapists
Includes psychotherapy and CBT
Service customization by therapist
Scalable solutions for therapists
Provides mental health education
Optimized for patient privacy
Follows Google's privacy policies
Remote accessibility
Geared to achieve therapeutic goals
Individual and therapist interfaces
Enhances therapy reach
Online therapy democratization
Data safety commitment


Limited to CBT approach
Relies on Google's privacy policy
Requires internet connectivity
No physical human interaction
Lacks in-person group therapy
Not suitable for emergencies
Dependent on therapists' availability
Tool's effectiveness relies on user's honesty
Potential therapist-patient mismatch
Doesn't support multiple languages


What is New Resilience?
How does New Resilience work?
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How is privacy on New Resilience handled?
Is New Resilience accessible 24/7?
Who are the professionals available on New Resilience?
Can therapists also use New Resilience?
How does New Resilience help therapists?
How does New Resilience educate users about mental health?
What is the 'Learn' feature on New Resilience?
How much does New Resilience cost?
Is New Resilience an app or a website?
Can the New Resilience platform be used for group therapy?
What are the specific tools that New Resilience provides for therapists?
How do I sign up for New Resilience?
What is the history of New Resilience?
How does New Resilience democratize access to mental healthcare?
What kind of technology does New Resilience incorporate?
What types of mental health concerns can New Resilience address?
Can I choose my therapist on New Resilience?


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