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Anonymous mental health coaching and support.
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Wysa is an AI-powered mental health platform that specializes in providing anonymous, safe, and free support for people struggling with negative thoughts and emotions.

It offers a range of services, including one-on-one conversations with AI coaches and access to curated, clinically-validated Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) programs.

There are also on-demand self-care exercises, such as resources for anxiety, sleep, and handling difficult conversations, as well as support for those in need of professional help.

Wysa has held over half a billion conversations with more than five million people across 95 countries, and its AI-led support has been proven to improve symptoms while taking on 80% of the support load.

It is also equipped with an SOS feature that guides people towards local and national crisis care helplines, and can create personalized safety plans and practice grounding exercises.

Wysa has also been featured in Fast Company and MedCity News for its research and impact on mental health, and has recently been adopted by Travelers as a mental health app for injured employees.


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Wysa was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 7th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Anonymous mental health support
Free mental health resources
Clinically-validated CBT programs
Various self-care exercises
Support for professional help
SOS feature for crisis
Hosts billions of conversations
Improved symptoms in users
Used across 95 countries
Customized, personalized plans
Grounding exercises available
Access to mental reports
Personalized crisis care plans
Evidence-based care exercises
On-demand stress aids
Facilitates signposting to local helplines
Access to local and national helplines
Featured in renowned publications
Structured programs for self-care
Supports work-related stress and anxiety
Helps in proactive symptom prevention
Adopted by corporations for employee health
Reduces load on professional mental health services
Provides space for employees to vent
Can be supplemented by human support
Anonymous feedback and venting
Effective against sub-clinical symptoms
On-demand conversational support
Created therapeutic alliance equivalent to human therapist
Runs programs for depression and anxiety
Helps in handling difficult conversations
Structured, clinically validated programs
Offers resources for sleep, productivity
Helps in preventing symptoms escalation
Anonymous, no stigma
Unlimited messaging with coaches
Access to massive user base
Automated emotional support
Reduced cost for professional care
Self-help exercises available
Engages users with morning and evening check-ins
Serves corporate mental health needs


Not designed for crisis help
Doesn't provide medical advice
Limited age group access
Relies on third-party cookies
No in-person interaction
Guidance not from humans
Dependent on internet access
No discernible multi-language support
Lack of tailored advice


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