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Explore InfiHeal for continuous mental health support and comprehensive wellness resources, available around the clock.
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InfiHeal is an all-encompassing AI mental health tool designed to provide continuous support for individuals and contribute towards comprehensive wellness.

The platform includes a tool called 'Healo', an advanced AI coach whose key responsibility is rendering emotional health and happiness support. Healo is designed to provide advice, motivation, serve as a venting platform, offer song recommendations, jokes, various personality tests, and even therapy sessions--all accessible around the clock for immediate assistance.

The platform offers a variety of self-tests, including personality tests, career tests, relationship tests, sexuality tests, self-improvement tests, clinical psychology tests, and spirituality tests.

By capturing an extensive understanding of the individual's personality and needs, InfiHeal can match users to highly suitable psychologists for personalized appointments.

The tool has several features including the Healing Oasis for therapy, Comprehensive Personality Assessment for complete insight, Tailored Practices for customizable meditations and exercises, Self Guided Therapy Sessions for empowering journeys, and Cinematic Experiences for movie recommendations.

An essential part of the InfiHeal tool is the Assessment feature, which empowers users to identify their key areas of procrastination and provides valuable insights on ways to reduce it.


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InfiHeal was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 2nd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


24/7 accessibility
Complete emotional health support
Venting platform available
Song and joke recommendations
Variety of personality tests
Therapy sessions availability
Extensive user personality understanding
Personalized psychologist match
Healing Oasis for therapy
Comprehensive Personality Assessment
Tailored Practices for meditation
Self Guided Therapy Sessions
Cinematic experiences and recommendations
Assessment feature for procrastination
Identifies areas of procrastination
Provides procrastination reduction insights
Career, relationship, sexuality tests
Self-improvement and psychology tests
Spirituality tests available
Personalized appointments with psychologists
Anonymous user environment
Secure platform
Podcast recommendations
Life stage and aspect guidance
Matches to licensed therapists
In-depth Procrastination Test
Psychometric Tests availability
Offers therapy matching
Priority in therapist matching
Posts on mental health education


Expensive premium features
Long text-based testing
Potentially biased therapist matching
Limited multimedia content
No voice activated feature
Requires constant internet access
No native app


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