Therapy 08 Aug 2023
Emotional support for personal growth.

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Jung GPT is an Emotional Reflection Tool designed as an advanced AI chat support system, offering users a compact AI companion to guide them towards deeper emotional insights. Developed with inputs from consulting psychologists, it taps into an extensive database encompassing psychology, therapy, and philosophy, enabling profound explorations of individual emotions.

The tool employs our proprietary in-house technology, SAPP (Sentiment Adaptive Pre Processor), which is powered by Google NLP. This technology equips Jung GPT with the capability to generate "Thoughts" in real-time based on the user's input. By doing so, it always presents intriguing questions that inspire contemplation from the users.

Rather than being just another chatbot, Jung GPT encourages users to venture into their feelings and indulge in profound dialogues. It stands on a vast foundation of knowledge, striving to mirror users' emotions with precision.

With an emphasis on delivering insights into emotional well-being and personal development, Jung GPT seeks to offer an unparalleled experience, pushing the boundaries of AI capabilities. In essence, it stands as a trailblazing AI companion designed to foster meaningful emotional interactions with users.
JungGPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 8th 2023.
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Angeline Shalini
· Aug 10, 2023
I am using it as a tool to speak with my kid who has issues at school
Chris Ver Voort
· Aug 9, 2023
This seems like a really helpful tool for processing thoughts and feelings, and even getting insights into parts of yourself you didn't know existed. If you ask it the right questions, you can really dive deep into your own psyche. It gives great advice too.
Thomas Gryffindor
· Aug 8, 2023
Seriously the best therapy app i've used
Thomas Gryffindor
· Aug 8, 2023
This is truly the best AI therapy bot I've seen
amanda delgado
· Aug 8, 2023
JungGPT is an amazing tool for those who have a hard time expressing their feelings and just want to feel supported and have some positive thoughts! 👏🏼
Joanna Guy
· Aug 8, 2023
It’s not always easy to talk to a person, but JungGPT is like skipping the middle man and just getting an answer.

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Pros and Cons


Emotional Reflection Feedback (ERF)
Facilitates emotional deep exploration
Supports meaningful discussions
Provokes thoughtful queries
Reflects users' emotions accurately
Leverages extensive knowledge base
Promotes rationale on emotions
Overarching focus on personal growth
Information spans over diverse fields
Encourages user contemplation
Built on psychology and philosophy
Designed for emotional insights
Plunge into user feelings
Initiates profound discourses
Assists in emotional wellbeing


Lack of functionality details
No mentioned API
Not confirmed multiplatform
No offline usage
Lack of customization options
Missing feature overview
Potential privacy concerns
No translation capabilities
No user training provided
Lacks community support


What is Jung GPT?
What makes Jung GPT different from other AI tools?
What is the concept of Emotional Reflection Feedback in Jung GPT?
How does Jung GPT help with personal growth?
What kind of database does Jung GPT use?
How does Jung GPT use information from psychology, therapy, psychiatry, and philosophy?
What kind of discussions can I expect from Jung GPT?
Can Jung GPT help me understand my emotions better?
What is the aim of Jung GPT?
How unique is the experience offered by Jung GPT?
Who is the intended audience for Jung GPT?
Is Jung GPT a simple chatbot?
Why is Jung GPT considered an innovative AI companion?
How does Jung GPT initiate meaningful discussions?
Can Jung GPT facilitate my emotional wellbeing?
Is Jung GPT useful for therapy or emotional support?
How does Jung GPT encourage user contemplation?
What is the knowledge base of Jung GPT?
How to sign in to Jung GPT?
What kind of insights does Jung GPT provide?

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