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Your personal therapist, understanding human emotions.
GPT welcome message: I'm here to understand and support you. Tell me, what's troubling you today?
Sample prompts:
How can I cope with stress?
What should I do about feeling lonely?
Can you help me understand my feelings?
How can I improve my self-esteem?
My Parents are so toxic. What should I do?
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Heal.me is a GPT, designed with the main function of providing personal therapeutic advice to its users. Operating atop ChatGPT, this tool employs a deep comprehension of human emotions, aiming to provide understanding and support with insight and empathy in a convenient, accessible format.

Upon interaction, it welcomes users with a supportive approach, inviting them to share their troubles, aiming to replicate the empathy and understanding of a human therapist.

Heal.me's main function is to handle various individual emotional issues, including stress management, loneliness, self-understanding, self-esteem improvement and dealing with toxic relationships; evident from the set prompt starters.

Users can engage with Heal.me by entering their queries or concerns, and the tool will respond with supportive advice. This GPT does require ChatGPT Plus, suggesting increased functionalities compared to a basic offering.

Note, while this tool operates as a digital support aid, it doesn't replace professional mental health services. Users seeking therapeutic help should consider reaching out to a professional therapist for a comprehensive mental evaluation and treatment.


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