Reinventing mental wellness with AI therapists.
Generated by ChatGPT reinvents mental wellness by providing affordable, always available one-on-one sessions with AI therapists and companions. This tool is powered by GPT-4, a language prediction model that has shown remarkable capabilities, particularly in medical and clinical reasoning. offers on-demand therapy with unlimited chats and AI companions available in multiple languages. This makes it accessible around the clock, ensuring support is always just a conversation away.

The platform provides a secure, anonymous, and confidential environment that connects users with Virtual Specialists or simulated loved ones, offering emotional support and guidance to help navigate life's challenges.

This tool forms part of the future of mental wellness, offering an affordable alternative to traditional therapy that can be accessed anytime and providing a setting conducive to personal growth and healing.


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Brb2 was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 3rd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Affordable therapy
24/7 availability
Uses GPT-4
On-demand therapy
Multi-language support
Secure and anonymous
Confidential counseling
Virtual Specialists
Simulated Companions
Unlimited chats
No physical appointment
Improved accessibility
Future of mental wellness
Accessible anytime
Deeply personal 1:1 sessions
Impressive capabilities in clinical reasoning
Exceeded USMLE passing score
Affordable than traditional therapy
Secure personal growth environment
Emotion healing tool
100% Anonymous
10x more affordable
Alternative to traditional therapy
Helps navigate life's challenges


No Android app
Reliance on GPT-4 solely
Limited language support
Potential inaccurate advice
Limited to text-based interactions
User experience not discussed
No real-time human intervention
Privacy concerns with data
Lack of nuanced understanding


What is Brb2?
What does Brb2 offer?
How does Brb2 work?
What AI powers Brb2?
What are the capabilities of GPT-4 in Brb2?
Can Brb2 offer therapy in my language?
What are the available languages in Brb2?
Is Brb2 available round the clock?
Is Brb2 an affordable alternative to traditional therapy?
Does Brb2 provide confidential counseling?
Are the chats on Brb2 unlimited?
Who are the Virtual Specialists in Brb2?
How does Brb2 ensure user anonymity?
What are the simulated companions in Brb2?
Can Brb2 help with personal growth and healing?
How can I download Brb2?
Is Brb2 part of the future of mental wellness?
Can Brb2 help me navigate life's challenges?
Is there a free trial for Brb2?
How much is Brb2 compared to other therapies?


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