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Mental health support for life's challenges.
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Cara is an AI-powered mental health support chat companion designed to assist individuals in exploring and problem-solving their life's challenges in-depth.

Available as a download for iOS, Cara functions as a conversational AI therapist that listens attentively and comprehends user messages akin to a close friend.

By utilizing the powerful GPT AI language model developed by OpenAI, Cara can respond naturally and offer advice accordingly. The tool allows users to express themselves freely through voice or text messages, replicating the experience of conversing with another human.

Cara's strength lies in its ability to deeply understand conversations, offering insightful perspectives without judgement. It remembers all the information shared by users, enabling continuity and personalized insights throughout interactions.

The tool is accessible anytime and anywhere, enabling individuals to seek support whenever necessary.Cara offers a simple and transparent pricing structure, beginning with a free three-day trial period that starts upon account registration.

Users can cancel at any time without any commitments. The tool aims to assist individuals in tackling their life's challenges and developing actionable plans for problem-solving.For individuals seeking a mental health support system that is readily available and non-judgemental, Cara provides a convenient platform for exploration and guidance.

The tool can be downloaded on iOS devices, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of users. Additionally, Cara values user privacy, as indicated by the provided privacy policy and terms and conditions.


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Cara was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 17th 2023.
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