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Deliver chat-based mental health support instantly.
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Woebot Health is an AI-powered, chat-based mental health support platform designed for enterprises. It aims to provide instant, scalable mental health support to patients and members, primarily through an evidence-based digital companion called Woebot.

Woebot is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy concepts and uses rules-based conversations written by conversational writers trained in evidence-based approaches like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT), and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and woebot's conversations are guided by clinical experts.

Being a relational agent, Woebot establishes a bond with users comparable to human therapists. The platform aids in enhancing the care experience, supports improvement in population health, and aids in increasing provider efficiency by automating the collection of population insights.

Additionally, the platform plays a role in identifying individuals needing care and increases capacity beyond traditional clinical settings. It is informed by interventional scientists, and clinicians, and is backed by multiple Randomized Control Trials.

The Enterprise configuration of Woebot Health helps deliver a personalized experience to keep members or patients engaged and provides insights into patient and member populations.


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Woebot Health was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Backed by clinical research
Uses cognitive behavioral therapy techniques
Non-judgmental mental health support
24/7 availability
Creates a relational bond
Automates collection of population insights
Improves provider efficiency
Informed by interventional scientists
Backed by Randomized Control Trials
Enterprise configuration available
Personalized user experience
Chat-based mental health support
Offers population health insights
Rules-based conversations
Conversational writers trained in evidence-based therapies
Availability outside traditional hours
Offers supportive community
Identifies individuals needing care
Increase capacity beyond clinical settings
Personalized, in-the-moment support
Scalable mental health support
Customizable enterprise platform
Multi-channel engagement campaigns
Integration with clinicians workflow
Facilitates quality score improvement
Backed by 14 RCTs
Helps understand patient populations
Real-world ready platform
Not generative, rules-based
Addresses disparities
Different regulatory guidances
Provides Social Determinants of Health insights


Rules-based rather than generative
Conversational writers needed
Not for immediate crises
Requires demographic input
Not medically certified
Needs constant updates
Limited dialectical behavior therapy
Limited interpersonal psychotherapy
No live personnel interaction
Limited language support


What is Woebot Health?
How does Woebot work?
How do you interact with Woebot?
Is Woebot only available for anxiety and depression?
Can you explain Woebot's use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?
What makes Woebot different from other AI tools for mental health?
Does Woebot provide immediate mental health support?
Can Woebot be used by enterprises?
What types of therapies are utilized in Woebot's conversations?
How does Woebot identify individuals needing care?
Who are the clinical experts guiding Woebot's conversations?
Is there any research or clinical validation for Woebot?
Does Woebot offer a personalized experience for its users?
Is Woebot Health suitable for patient engagement in healthcare?
What is the technology behind Woebot?
How does Woebot help in population health management?
Can Woebot integrate with an existing healthcare management system?
How does Woebot enhance care experience?
Can Woebot work offline or does it require an internet connection?
Is Woebot suitable for all age groups?

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