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Affordable mental health chatbot support
Generated by ChatGPT is a chatbot avatar designed for mental health support. Users can interact with the chatbot, named Lee, who is based on artificial intelligence technology.

Lee is available at any time to respond to personal needs and provide assistance. The chatbot aims to provide accessibility to psychologists regardless of location, reducing waiting times commonly experienced in major cities and remote areas.

Data evaluation and analysis are conducted after each session, allowing for progress tracking throughout the treatment cycle. Anonymity is prioritized, which encourages users to open up to the digital coach and receive a more accurate and faster treatment experience.In terms of pricing, offers a cost-effective solution by eliminating costs associated with travel and time, resulting in a product that is ten times cheaper.

The platform also ensures the highest standard of data security and encryption to safeguard user information. The technology utilized is powered by the advanced ChatGPT-4, which has significantly progressed in recent years, and further advancement is emphasizes the importance of personal data security and uses encryption algorithms to prevent interception by third parties.

The platform pays attention to affordability and passes on the low cost of $0.05 per 1,000 API calls to customers during the test phase. The system is designed for fast workflow and transmission speed, utilizing Python, JavaScript, and Node libraries, as well as a Content Delivery Network (CDN).Ultimately, the goal of is to make coaching accessible and affordable for everyone, anytime and anywhere, enabling better mental health support for individuals.

Additionally, the platform offers service packages tailored to companies and their employees, promoting optimal productivity and well-being.


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LeeAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 14th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


24/7 accessibility
Priority on anonymity
High data security
ChatGPT-4 technology
Data encryption
No personal info required
Bespoke company packages
Python, JavaScript, Node libraries
Data analysis post-session
Reduced waiting times
Optimized mental health support
Content Delivery Network usage
Protection against brute force attacks
Mental progress tracking
Current encryption algorithms
API calls for speed
Affordable API calls cost
Locked-in data confidentiality
Treatment history tracking
Low cost transfers to customers
Remote accessibility
Personalized coaching experience
Company productivity boost
3D Performance Assistant
Charges for test phase
Improved treatment accuracy
Employee well-being boost
Travel cost savings
Promotes user openness
No location constraint
SSL/TLS encrypted connections


Relies on ChatGPT-4 only
No multi-lingual support mentioned
Requires internet connection
Limited to mental health
Specific API cost
Limited platform integration
No Android version mentioned
Still in beta phase
Limited to Python, JavaScript and Node libraries


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