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Enhanced mental health using CBT techniques.
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Woebot is an AI-powered Relational Agent for Mental Health, designed to help people get back to feeling like themselves. Woebot is backed by clinical research and is easy to talk to, fitting into people's lives whenever they want to chat.

Woebot utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, such as cognitive reframing, to help people identify and address unhealthy thinking patterns.

It also provides helpful advice and resources with no judgement or stigma. Woebot also provides users with access to a supportive and understanding community, with no appointment or waiting room required.

Woebot is designed to be a powerful ally in the fight against anxiety and depression, helping people to feel happier, more capable, and more in control.


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Woebot Health was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


CBT techniques usage
Access to supportive community
No appointment required
Helps identify unhealthy thinking
Provides advice and resources
Aids in anxiety and depression
No waiting room
Backed by clinical research
Develops trust in 3-5 days
Scalable support
Constantly improving
Personalized advice and solutions
Accessibility and immediacy
Adapts to user's progress
Focus on actionable suggestions
Robust testing for efficacy
Comprehensive Privacy Policy
App based approach
Recognized by multiple certifying bodies
Partnership possibilities
Insights and reporting for businesses
Various mental health solutions available
Confidentiality of data
Optimized for user preference
Includes fitness options
Compatible on multiple devices
Maintained user anonymity
Helps fight overthinking
Helps stop thought spirals
Offers practical CBT techniques
Different treatments in development
Effectively handles set-backs
In-app support availability
Secure tool


Limited range of techniques
Lacks human intervention
Requires consistent engagement
Risk of misunderstanding context
Relies on user honesty
Limited personalization
No face-to-face interaction
Potential privacy concerns
Not suitable for crises
May not replace therapy


What is Woebot Health?
How does Woebot Health work?
How does Woebot Health improve mental health using CBT techniques?
Can Woebot Health help with anxiety and depression?
Is Woebot Health backed by clinical research?
How easy is it to communicate with Woebot Health?
Does Woebot Health provide advice and resources?
Does Woebot Health have a supportive community?
What does it mean that Woebot Health is a Relational Agent for Mental Health?
Is there an appointment or waiting room required with Woebot Health?
Can Woebot Health identify and address unhealthy thinking patterns?
Can I access Woebot Health anytime I want?
What type of audience does Woebot Health cater to?
Can I use Woebot Health on my mobile device?
What awards and certifications does Woebot Health have?
Is Woebot Health capable of providing personalized advice and solutions?
Does Woebot Health have a partnership program?
Does Woebot Health run on AI technology?
What type of customers or businesses does Woebot Health partner with?
What privacy measures does Woebot Health have in place?


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