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Personalized mental healthcare support and guidance.
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Plutis is an AI-driven platform designed to provide on-demand, modern-day mental healthcare services. By connecting users with specialized providers, Plutis aims to offer tailored support and guidance to improve mental well-being.

The platform employs AI-based coaching to cater to individual needs and offers a range of services to enhance mental health.Through Plutis, users can engage with mental health professionals who have expertise in addressing specific concerns.

The platform facilitates convenient access to these specialized providers, enabling users to seek guidance and support whenever needed.One notable feature of Plutis is its AI-based coaching.

This technology allows the platform to deliver personalized recommendations and interventions based on user input and preferences. By leveraging AI, Plutis strives to provide tailored and effective support, which can help users better manage their mental well-being.Additionally, Plutis offers a variety of services aimed at promoting mental health.

These services may encompass activities such as therapy, self-care practices, and specific interventions targeted at enhancing overall well-being.Overall, Plutis provides a comprehensive approach to mental healthcare, combining specialized provider engagement, AI-based coaching, and a range of services.

By offering on-demand support, personalized guidance, and opportunities for growth, Plutis aims to assist individuals on their mental health journey.


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