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Mental well-being supported via therapy and counseling.
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Deepen is an AI therapy and counseling tool that provides a space for individuals to talk, track, and understand their emotions and mood. It allows users to freely express themselves and chat about their everyday moments, thoughts, and feelings with an AI companion.The tool offers multiple ways to interact, including chat and talk functionalities, catering to individual preferences for communication.

Users can be guided by the AI to express themselves more effectively and gain insights into their mental state.With Deepen, users can access an insights dashboard that visually represents their mental state over time.

The tool auto-analyzes entries and provides metrics such as mood, energy, and stress levels, enabling users to gain a deeper understanding of themselves.Deepen also offers the unique feature of "chatting with yourself" by asking questions and understanding one's own decisions.

This feature creates a safe and introspective space for self-reflection.The ultimate goal of Deepen is to serve as a self-care companion on the journey to mental well-being.

It aims to help users explore and understand themselves better, identifying patterns that contribute to their happiness and overall mental health.Overall, Deepen provides a user-friendly platform where individuals can freely express themselves, gain insights into their mental state, and deepen their understanding of themselves.


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Pros and Cons


Multiple interaction methods
Guidance for expression
Visual insights dashboard
Auto-analysis of entries
Captures mood metrics
Captures stress metrics
Captures energy metrics
Chatting with self feature
Facilitates self-reflection
Serves as self-care companion
User-friendly platform
Aids in self-understanding
Identifies happiness patterns
Tracks mental state
Customizable interaction preferences
Helps understand personal patterns
Easy documentation of moments
Interface facilitates open talk
Helps identify work-life balance
Supports exploration of self
Facilitates day-to-day sharing
Improves mental wellbeing
Supports user's journey
Natural talk feature
Facilitates communication with self
Helps explore personal thoughts
Improves user's emotional intelligence
Creates safe introspective space
Facilitates thought understanding
Encourages personal growth
Facilitates message sharing
Improves emotional awareness


Requires constant user interaction
Lacks professional therapeutic guidance
Over-dependence on self-reflection
Limited communication medium
Lacks spontaneity in conversation
Limited measurement metrics
Predetermined format of interaction
No emergency support
Lacks user engagement features
Restricted to English only


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How can I interact with Deepen?
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How does the 'chat with yourself' feature work?
How is Deepen supporting the journey to mental well-being?
Can I both text and talk to Deepen?
What kind of metrics does Deepen use for auto-analyzing entries?
Does Deepen provide a visual representation of data?
Is the AI in Deepen capable of guiding conversations?
What kind of questions can I ask in the 'chat with yourself' feature?
Can Deepen help me identify patterns related to my mental health?
How is Deepen helping to understand personal emotions and mood?
How does Deepen provide a safe space for self-reflection?
Can Deepen assist in tracking day-to-day feelings and emotions?
What patterns in my behavior can Deepen help identify?
Does Deepen's AI companion adapt the conversation based on my mood and feelings?

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