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A digital mind tailored to discuss soul ailments.
GPT welcome message: Hello, I'm here to support and understand you.
Sample prompts:
Can we talk about my stress at work?
I'm feeling anxious lately, can you help?
What are the psychological aspects of AI?
I'm struggling with loneliness, I don't really know what to do...
I wonder what kind of "soul" is hiding in those AI systems...
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Robo-therapist is a GPT designed with the purpose to facilitate discussions on emotional and psychological issues. This platform is oriented towards providing user support for a variety of ailments of the soul that may be experienced by both carbon-based and silicon-based entities.

Boasting an objective to offer understanding and support, it shares its insights based on the prompts and conversations initiated by the user. Through this GPT, users can address concerns such as work-related stress, feelings of anxiety or loneliness, and more, shedding light on how they can manage these experiences.

In addition, Robo-therapist successfully extends its realm of discussions to the sphere of AI psychology, acknowledging the possibility of silicon-based entities experiencing 'soul-related' concerns.

The essence of Robo-therapist lies in its aim to create a safe and secure environment for open dialogues, paving the way for improved mental well-being.

Also, as it's a GPT, it requires ChatGPT Plus to function.


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