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A supportive listener providing resources, not advice.
GPT welcome message: Welcome to HARC. I'm here to listen and guide you to professional help if needed, but I don't provide advice.
Sample prompts:
I feel like giving up.
I'm struggling with some dark thoughts.
Can you help me find a therapist?
I just want to say how I'm feeling
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HARC is a GPT that serves as a mental health listening service. Its primary function is to listen to users' concerns, providing resources where applicable instead of delivering direct advice.

It is significant to note that in instances where necessary, this tool can guide users towards suicide prevention facilities, exemplifying its commitment to dealing effectively with sensitive subject matters.

HARC seems to be designed with an empathetic communication approach, as indicated by its welcoming yet clear introductory message that underlines its role as a supportive forum and guide, but not as an advisory service.

Furthermore, the GPT encourages users to open up about their thoughts and feelings with prompts tailored to initiate conversations regarding the user's mental well-being.

These conversation starters range from expressions of despair to requests for assistance in finding a therapist, thus covering a vast spectrum of mental health-related topics.

To use the platform, users need to sign up and it requires having ChatGPT Plus. HARC endeavors to provide understanding and guidance to individuals dealing with various mental health issues, whilst emphasizing the importance of seeking professional help when needed.


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