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Conflicts and communication coached by an app.
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Chat EQ (beta) is a conflict resolution application that helps people build necessary conflict management skills for handling difficult conversations and communicating effectively in their personal and professional lives.

Developed upon research-based feedback, Chat EQ guides users through giving their stories and offering feedback on conversation samples, providing analytics to researchers along the way.

It believes the app is non-sensitive data that can be used to improve society. The app does not ask for personally identifiable information and asks users to avoid providing it to prevent identification.

The privacy policy describes storing and aggregating user stories to improve the app and providing analytics publicly while preserving anonymity. According to the release, the remote work trend has depleted company culture and created a gap in conflict management assistance.

In 2021, employees of US-based companies lost around $359 billion in productivity spent on conflicts, while 60% had no conflict management training. Chat EQ is a scalable solution to offer research-based assistance to improve outcomes in real-time.

The release also cites a rising demand for conflict resolution help in mental health professional shortage areas, while domestic violence cases have increased globally during the pandemic.

The tool is meant to supplement professional services and not be a substitute; the website includes terms of use that require using the app responsibly and not for illegal activities or to cause harm to others.


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Chat EQ was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 27th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Research-based feedback
Provides conversation analysis
Helps build conflict management skills
Promotes effective communication
Addresses both personal and professional settings
User stories help improve app
Anonymity preserved in analytics
Aid for mental health shortage
Supplements professional services
No personally identifiable information required
On-demand conflict resolution assistance
Offering insights into physical and emotional state
Conversation suggestions provided
Aids in understanding user feelings
Helps prevent conflict escalation
Based on Compassionate Communication research
Promotes understanding and empathy
Contributes to improved mental health
Reduces interpersonal conflict
Promotes trust and collaboration
Aids in resolving personal disputes
Helps build more efficient teams
Transforms criticism into connection
Facilitates emotional connection
Assists in personal growth
Aids in anger management
Supports organizational effectiveness
Promotes 'power-with' strategies
Transformation of unhealthy habits
Promotes spiritual values
Preserves autonomy of users
Supports individual potential maximization


Shares data publicly
Limited privacy guarantees
No PII protection
No multi-language support
Reliance on user honesty
Doesn't replace professional services
Non-personalized conflict resolution
Lack of user content control
Coaching feedback not customizable
No physical or verbal cues


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Can Chat EQ be used to handle professional and domestic conflicts?
What kind of help does Chat EQ offer in conflict resolution?
How does Chat EQ contribute to users' productivity?
Does Chat EQ provide any form of communication coaching?
How does Chat EQ help in handling difficult conversations?
Can Chat EQ possibly identify its users?
What kind of data does Chat EQ store from user stories?
Does usage of Chat EQ need any consent from the user?
Can content from Chat EQ be commercially exploited?
Is there any liability if things go wrong after using Chat EQ?
Does Chat EQ provide analytics to researchers?
What restrictions are there on user behavior when using Chat EQ?
What kind of actions can lead to termination of access to Chat EQ?

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