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Personalised conversational customer support and sales.
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Certainly is a Conversational AI platform designed to create a digital twin of a company's best salesperson. It enables businesses to provide personalised customer experiences, reduce wait times, help with purchase and checkout processes, and manage post-sales customer support.

It can be integrated with a wide range of business systems and services, and uses AI to understand customer intent and provide relevant product recommendations.

It also allows companies to collect zero-party data for use in hyper-customising shopping experiences, increasing brand loyalty and customer lifetime values.

Certainly provides an easy-to-use no-code platform for business users and APIs for developers, and is trusted by companies worldwide.


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Certainly was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 9th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalised customer support
Reduces wait times
Helps with purchase process
Helps with checkout process
Manages post-sales support
Understands customer intent
Provides product recommendations
Collects zero-party data
Hyper-customizable shopping experiences
No-code platform
APIs for developers
Wide range of integrations
Improves conversion rates
Reduces returns
Supports pre-purchase interactions
Supports purchase interactions
Supports post-purchase interactions
Increases brand loyalty
Increases customer lifetime values
Expresses product benefits
Can upsell and cross-sell
Helps with order status
Helps with returns
Answers FAQs
Gives intent-based recommendations
Handles ticket deflection at scale
Operates 24/7
One-click integrations
Templates for business users
Flexibility for developers
Automates chats with visitors
Revenue generation tool
50% tickets solved autonomously
20% increase in order value
3X increase in conversions
Easy communication with developers
Fast responses from support
Maintains multiple languages
Helpful for student learning
92% customer satisfaction rate


Not open source
Limited language support
Limited compatibility
No stated confidentiality measures
Depends on third-party integrations
Potential limitations for customization
Requires plug-ins for full functionality
No specific privacy data handling


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How does Certainly manage post-sales customer support?
What business systems and services can Certainly be integrated with?
What is the no-code platform provided by Certainly?
What APIs does Certainly provide for developers?
How does Certainly use AI to understand customer intent?
How does Certainly assist in increasing brand loyalty and customer lifetime values?
How does Certainly work to improve conversion rates and reduce returns?
How does Certainly help in enhancing the shopping experience for customers?
What are some companies that trust and use Certainly?
What does it mean that Certainly creates a digital twin of my best salesperson?
Does Certainly support multiple languages?
How can Certainly help me in collecting zero-party data from customers?
What does the ecommerce corner offer in the Certainly platform?

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