Sales 30 Dec 2022
Convert visitors via conversational website.

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MagicForm is an AI-powered conversational platform designed to increase conversions and engagement with website visitors. It leverages GPT-3 technology to provide personalized, human-like answers to any customer question.

The platform integrates with existing CRMs and can be trained on a company’s knowledge base to provide more accurate responses. Additionally, customer data and conversation insights can be collected and uploaded to the CRM for sales and marketing teams to use.

MagicForm is simple and easy to use, with the ability to be trained and running on a website in under 30 minutes. It provides a unique and powerful solution to engage customers and increase conversions.

MagicForm was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


GPT-3 technology integration
Personalized, human-like responses
Increases conversions
CRM integration
Uses company’s knowledge base
Data collection capabilities
Easy to use
Quick setup (<30 mins)
Real-time site visitor engagement
Quality answer provision
Document uploading for training
Website information extraction
Direct customer data upload
Integrated conversation insights upload
Efficient sales & marketing action
Scripted chatbot journey elimination
Detailed answers to queries
White glove onboarding
Early access to new features
Discord support community
CRM data frictionless upload


Requires CRM integration
Depends on GPT-3 technology
No standalone data analysis
Training required
Limited customization options


What is MagicForm?
How does MagicForm utilize GPT-3 technology?
Can MagicForm use my company's knowledge base for training?
How does MagicForm's integration with existing CRMs work?
What kind of customer data and insights can MagicForm collect?
How quickly can MagicForm be set up and running on a website?
What is the relevance of the MagicBar in MagicForm?
What benefits come from using MagicForm on my website?
How much can MagicForm increase conversions by?
Can MagicForm offer human-like responses?
How does MagicForm ensure the personalized nature of its responses?
What tools does MagicForm offer for training purposes?
What does it mean when MagicForm frictionlessly uploads data into my CRM?
Can MagicForm answer any customer question?
How does MagicForm improve the clarity and depth of its answers?
How do I get started with MagicForm?
What are the onboarding services MagicForm offers?
How can I join the MagicForm Discord community?
Does MagicForm offer any free trial?
Who is MagicForm most suited for?

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