Email writing 04 Mar 2023
Jason AI

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Jason AI is a conversational AI tool focused on enhancing B2B sales processes. It acts as a personal assistant to sales teams by automating outreach sequences, handling responses from prospects, and booking meetings.

The tool applies filters to target the most suitable prospects and creates personalized emails, follow-ups, and social media touchpoints to establish contact.

It also suggests the most effective channels to communicate the message. Jason AI can learn about a company, its offerings, and automatically respond to basic customer inquiries.

The tool helps to manage conversations with leads and offers counter-offers to handle 'Not Interested' responses. It can forward requests to the correct contact and reschedule or cancel meetings.

The AI tool can handle a variety of conversations with leads as it learns more and becomes more refined. Once a meeting has been requested, Jason AI can suggest a time and date and book the slot in the team's calendar.

Overall, Jason AI streamlines the engagement cycle by handling the full outreach process, thereby freeing up time for sales teams to focus on more complex tasks.


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